You Are Not Everybody!

The story about the tortoise, his scheme and failure taught me a lot about that phrase “You are not everybody”. All the animals from the animal kingdom was invited to a banquet organized by the king of the jungle the lion in heaven. They were asked to pick a name that they will be identified with. All the animals picked a name including tortoise. He picked the “all of us” and he felt good about it without thinking about the consequences. On arriving to the banquet, they were all ushered in and immediately different kind of meals were served. When each meal was brought to the table, the fly innocently would ask the usher; “Is the meal for us? The usher would reply, yes. By inference, it simply meant the food belongs to tortoise.

Tortoise was know to be slow, cunning and greedy. He could care less about what anyone thinks of him. So, he ate, ate, and ate all the food meant for other animals invited alongside with him. After the feast and the little prep talk from the king”lion” on how to defend themselves from external attacks, it was time to go home on earth. The rest of the animals were sad and hungry but they still had to go home. Transportation was made available by the king to take them home. Every animal entered except tortoise said no one would allow him sit close to them. Tortoise was left behind and since he had no wings he couldn’t fly back to earth and so he decided to sky dive. Upon landing last, he crashed so badly that he fractured his shell and of course that’s the reason his shell till date is cracked and disfigured. He was secluded and discriminated by the rest of the animals till date.

Lesson; You are unique, special, significant and important in your own authentic way and you definitely don’t have to silence the voice of others just to be heard. Everyone has something unique about them and just because they don’t fit into your world or circles, doesn’t mean they have failed. You don’t need to sound like everybody else unless you’ve lost your identity. Find what makes you tick and use it for the benefit of yourself and those around you. Never fell because you are opportune or wiser than others then you are better. Remember the same ladder that takes you up is the same that will bring you down.

Success is the maximum utilisation of the ability that you have.-Zig Ziglar. Don’t use the ability you have today to destroy your tomorrow. You may never get the chance to make things right, just as tortoise never got another chance. No man is independent or an island, just as nations interdepend on one another,that’s how much we need each other but while you recognize the importance of others, don’t loose your voice or your identity. I know it’s easier said than done but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

if you’re just doing what everybody else is doing, then nobody is going to pay attention to you or what you’ve got to offer. There’s so much of you that the world needs and they will only see it when you realize “you are enough and capable”.

It is true that a positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it definitely will give you enough strength and confidence to overcome every problem on your own. Presenting yourself with confidence, can help you pull off pretty much anything but don’t loose your in it. Moderation still remains the best policy

People will recognize you and what you do when you’re trustworthy, truthful, resilient, passionate, caring, friendly, have the knowledge of other people, have the knowledge of the reality, have a vision for the future, have the ability to take the right decisions(not like the tortoise), have the courage to follow your convictions, have the ability to resist temptation and withstand pressure, and finally, when you know how to be you and not everybody else.

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