Horrible News!

I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that some one would wake up in the morning (that’s if they slept at all during the night) and all his thoughts for the day would be how to waste lives, destroy properties, cause endless pains and sorrow to their fellow man.

Recently, the news making headlines about Nigerians being sold into slavery by their fellow Nigerians in Libya has jolted my world in a big way. The economic situation in the country has left youths seeking greener pastures outside the sores of Nigeria and its sickening how another will capitalize on this and make it a profit making venture. The value for human life has become so cheap that any life can be bought from the local store.

At first I didn’t want to believe it until I read the statements of those that were freed after they paid a huge amount of money for their release. How could this happen? I mean I know anything can happen in our world today, but the question I mean to ask is why? There are so many legit businesses that one can venture into and be successful, the beginning may not necessarily be big, but there’s dignity and peace of mind when you know that what you’re involved in is legal and good. Why slave trade? I still don’t get it!

How could anyone have so much hatred for their fellow human being to the extent of selling them off for some dollar bill? How do they sleep at night? The pictures on Facebook, Twitter, are so horrible, the conditions the victims are placed in, how they are been transported, has left many dead with no chance of their family members getting their corpses for proper burial. What could the perpetrators be angry about? I mean they are Nigerians selling their fellow Nigerians. Hatred is really dumb and sickening.

As humans there are bound to be things that will irritate us and I’m not exempted but I can’t and don’t see myself going as far as selling my fellow human being just to prove my point. There are better ways to settle disputes, conflicts and crisis. A wise man once said “When a tse-tse fly perches on the scrotum of a man, he realizes that there are better ways to kill the fly”, violence seizes to be an option. It’s sad to think something like this is happening to my beloved country. We’ve suffered and still suffering from attacks from bigot, close minded, religious extremists (Boko Haram), money laundering from corrupt politicians and leaders, political parties instabilities, economic recessions and now slave trade. Could it get any worst than this? Nevertheless, our story as a great nation is far from over.

Every day new ideology of hatred keeps springing forth and the worst part is that they have crazy justifications from their evil acts and for those that gets unlucky by getting caught, blames the devil. Is it the devil that will spend the proceed they realize from their trade? It’s time we started accepting responsibility for our actions.

The federal government has begun plans to bring back Nigerians from Libya and the Libyan government has issued a statement that they are not in support of the act. The question now is, “Will the bringing back of Nigerians stop the act of slave trade going on in the world? Will it stop man from being wicked? Will it stop the excessive killings going on presently? One can only hope. All we need now is love, unity and tolerance in the world. What do you think?

26 thoughts on “Horrible News!

    1. You are most welcome and Yes, Ralph you are right. There a lot of reasons why people seek greener pastures outside. Some may have invested severally and failed, some may have been duped, some may have done all kinds of menial jobs and still failed. Our government needs to stabilize the economy so as to be able to meet to the needs of the citizens. Thank you very much for dropping by and sharing as well.

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    1. You are very correct my dear. Words are not enough to describe the horror they went through. I pray they recover from this horrible act and trust God to guide and direct their footsteps. Thank you dear for dropping by and sharing.

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  1. Thank you very much Whitney for remembering on this. Dont worry about, since 2003 in Germany the workers market for more than 1 million people is also like a slave market. Dont worry, because people who are calling the evil will get this evil in time. These will have no opportunity to escape the just punishment. Wish you a blessed Sunday. Michael


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