Laugh A Lot!

When was the last time you had a good laugh? I didn’t say smile, or chuckle, like the one you are doing now. I mean real laughter that almost left you in tears and maybe even chocked up from coughing real hard? Let me guess… Last month? Two weeks ago? Yesterday? Today? Or maybe never?

We’ve got to learn to laugh a lot. It doesn’t hurt at all but it surely will hurt when squeeze your face from dawn to dusk. Try it! Did you know that research has shown that the average man or woman laughs 4 to 8 times per day,but the average child laughs 150 times per day? No wonder the Bible says we need to approach Jesus as little children.

Children find happiness in almost everything around them. Even when you hurt them, they can’t stay angry for a long time. We adults in the other hand, we are control freaks, we must rationalize every occurrence and justify every of our actions. We even try to justify the need to smile, especially if the person making us to laugh is the same person that hurt us. What a job?

Lighten up a little bit, laugh a lot. One of the dynamics causing adults much trouble is that we take our personal faults and mistakes so seriously. We spend so much time opposing ourselves and being our own enemies. I wrote an article on laughter and there I stipulated how laughter truly is like a medicine because it causes the release of body chemicals called endorphins. These substances help relieve pain and create a sense of well-being within us.

Today, I’m not asking you to just laugh, I’m asking you to laugh a lot. You and I need to laugh a lot and be high hearted. Laugh like you’ve never done before, don’t pay attention to who is beside you. There’s enough tension in the world already and do you want to be another reason why the world is tensed up? When you are too serious about anything, you put people off. You will be considered as unapproachable and misjudged in most cases.

I’m not asking you to wake up in the morning, jump into the street and start laughing. You maybe asking for a bed in the asylum or better yet be honing to have friend in “YABA left” (a place in Lagos, where mentally sick people are kept for monitoring and evaluation). What I’m saying is that, if you’ve got any reason to laugh, laugh and don’t smile.

Most known laughter can pull us out of the pit of depression, saddeness, pains, ect. It can even give us a boost of energy and it can completely change our attitude or outlook on a situation. You never really know how tensed you are until you have a good laugh. Laughing releases tension, fear, anxiety, guilt, to mention but a few.

Give yourself a break. I know you are probably saying right now ; “she has no idea what I’m going through right now and she’s asking me to laugh”. I get it, I don’t know how you feel but I sure do know that hanging on when you are supposed to let go will not make you feel any better or make everything alright but when you let go, healing begins, strength to move on comes in, you feel better again. It may take a while, but you will feel better.

Accept who you are, move on, laugh at yourself, laugh a lot and live your life to the fullest!

29 thoughts on “Laugh A Lot!

    1. Hahahaha… Comedy is still funny in Nigeria. Would you mind checking out some of Nigerians comedy videos online. Comedians like “I go die”, “basket mouth” “Okey bakasi” ect. It’s very easy to get lost in the swirl pool of our own problems and forget to even breathe much less to laugh. Thank you for dropping by and sharing with us.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha… No dear, you won’t be going there. Just be happy, laugh all you want but please not close to the gate of YABA left.
      You just made me laugh now. Thank you so much for dropping by.


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