All I Want…

Figuring out what I wished always seemed like a merry pass spherical
Love, hate, jealousy, pain, maintains pouring down in thousands
So motionless… yet so alive
So cold… yet fuming
So stunning… yet terrifying
And solid… but transferring

Why won’t you simply listen!

You anger me, yet I smile via it all
whenever you depart, I stay
Why can not you notice that?
How could you permit a person so unexpected into our world?
Dividing us into three like a clover
he’s so enthusiastic about the feelings you cast upon me
You have been fearful of my strength over you
He controls approximately everything about you

Why can not you notice that!

The component that loves you
The component that painfully loves you, creeps in and takes over
Terrifying, yet so captivating
It maintains drawing me to you
allowing me to explore your splendor from afar
As I feel the beating of my coronary heart
And the phrases of love it radiates
I can’t help however word the want and love through your eyes
Your smell I try to neglect keeps coming lower back

looking at you live in a surrounding not far away, steals my breath away
I sit down here and relieve every moment
You stroll around like not anything occurred

We befell!

that you don’t need my facet… does not exchange something
delight consumes you
Illusions blind you
I guess you haven’t any clue that you are all I need

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