Erasing Our Mistakes…

Can do greater damages to us if we don’t do it right. Even if we could erase our errors must we? Probably, that could be another subject matter for another day. It is usually appropriate to personally own up to as much as whatever mistakes we make as quickly as we understand them, to do the whole thing in our power to accurate them, and to do our damnedest now not to repeat them ever again.

To err is human, and to forgive is divine. it’s no longer constantly smooth forgiving ourselves, how lots more forgiving another. If in reality to err is human, then we have be humane as a lot as we can for ourselves and to our fellow human beings. Nothing on this global compounds a mistake like digging in a single’s heels and self-righteously insisting that we have been in no way incorrect; by no means goofed up within the first region. Whilst mistakes may wound the ones around us, failing to confess and accurate our mistakes spreads tendrils of gangrenous infection out among every body around us.

Proudly owning up to our mistakes earns us the honor of those we’ve harmed and those around us and at the equal time we deflate the power of our mistakes to harm us.
With every new opportunity comes new mistakes and each new day comes with new mistakes so additionally we’ve new possibilities to make things proper.
For individuals who fear that proudly owning up to their mistakes will make them appear like a shirker, right here’s a touch rule of thumb:” If you could forgive yourself in addition to others and research from your errors, troubles and heartaches might be stepping stones on your route to develop wiser and more potent”.

Erasing our errors is not always that clean, here is a little illustration : “When Samuel started using pen in his primary school, he would make a mistake, and would try hard to erase it before submitting to his teacher.

Sometimes, he would use chalk to clean his mistake and later it would re-appear.
So he began to use saliva, it worked, but only to leave holes in his books.
His teachers then used to beat him for being outrageously dirty. But all he tried to do was to cover his errors.

One day, a kind hearted teacher who loved him so much called him aside and said to him” Anytime you make a mistake, just cross it and move on” .
He said further ” Trying to erase your mistakes would only damage your book to nothing.
Samuel told him in protest that he doesn’t want people to see his mistake.
His loving teacher laughed and said ” Trying to erase your mistake will make more people know about your mess and the stigma is for life”. “Crossing a line over it simply means you are aware of the fact that you made a mistake and you aren’t ashamed of it, it doesn’t make you weak or any less important”. Trying to erase it will only do more harm than good.”
Samuel learned to own up to his mistakes and moved on from that day.

Sooner or later in our lives, we’ve all made a mistake. Now and again we get lucky and most often falter a bit, making it through the problem exceedingly intact. I have personally achieved a wealth of knowledge and experience just from all of my own little mishaps, and a few major ones.

The lesson here is, have you made some mistakes in life? Cross it over and move on. Don’t bother erasing them, you will end up making more mess than the one you’ve done already.
Don’t expose yourself as a result of trying to cover your mistakes. The people that matter don’t really care about your mistakes and the ones that care don’t really matter.
Better things are ahead of you.
Strike out your 2017 mistakes and move into 2018 with a fresh note.

Happy Holidays!!!!!

15 thoughts on “Erasing Our Mistakes…

  1. That’s so true. You speak truth and the more you can forgive yourself the more you can move forward and not look to your past and the mistakes you made. Owning up to your mistakes is a hard thing to do. I’m still learning how to do that, but with God’s help and Grace I will do it more and more. I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for us Whitney. God bless and happy holidays!!

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  2. erase our mistakes? that would mean to forget they ever happened? no! our mistakes are as much of who we are as are our accomplishments. we must learn from them and in doing so, try not to make them again, or, try and at least have them be much less of a mistake then they were the first time. we make mistakes so we can become a better person. forget them? No. embrace them and embrace that much more of yourself.

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    1. Yes buddy we can’t erase our mistakes. The post was inspired by a friend who visited for the holidays and all she kept saying was “I need to erase my mistakes, I can’t continue like this”. The error she did was eating her up and she just won’t let go. It left me in thoughts as to how we can erase our mistakes. You are right buddy, we can’t erase our mistakes, they happened for a reason and to make us better.
      All we need to do is embrace them and much of ourselves as well. Thanks buddy for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. It’s very thoughtful of you. Happy holidays my friend.


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