A Million Sparks…Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone… and hope you are smiling and having a great time with your families like I am? All I see around me today are beautiful sparklings every where, happy faces even in the middle of the craziness in the country. The streets, shops, and homes are beautifully decorated with beautiful lights that keeps displaying its beauty every second. Everything keeps coming alive and I can’t help myself but wish everyday would be Christmas “My Christmas wish” but of course it can’t be, right? (Still can’t believe there can be so much glitters and joy in the country after all the months of severe tensions) . There’s time for everything and today is the time to celebrate Christmas which is commensurated to the birth of Jesus Christ.

It is true that everybody’s spark loves different things, and so, there are a thousand and one interpretation to it but there’s this spark that comes up every year and consumes everyone and anyone it comes in contact with. It radiates on the faces of everyone, lights up every spirit, ushers in love, yuletide, peace, unity and friendship and that’s the” Christmas sparks”. Everyone loves the feeling it creates, the joy it brings, the happiness it unfolds and the unity it preaches.

Many people forget that they’ve got a spark in them waiting to be lit up but as soon as December approaches, they begin to remember that they do have Sparks in them, they remember they can laugh, they can sing, they can take time unwind in front of their children, they’ve got people that needs their attention and smiles to make their worlds better. This shouldn’t be so but sadly it is what it is.

We’ve got to learn to tend to our sparks, do what makes us truly happy everyday and not only on Christmas day. Follow our bliss, show love to everyone everyday, find what connects us to other people and use it for a greater purpose. When we do any of our most-loved things, it’s like blowing on a flame. We just light up. And with more light, we can see the way ahead more clearly. We have more energy, and we are less tempted by our addictive habits. Best of all, we can more easily feel the sparks of life all around us, and see the many gifts life has to offer. We have much more to give others than we believe.

As we celebrate today, let’s remember that it’s the season of a million sparks, let’s find our innermost sparkles, let it shine and allow it to radiate on other people, lets remember the reason for the season(Jesus, without him, there would be no celebration) , let go and let love lead the way…



41 thoughts on “A Million Sparks…Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you too for constantly reblogging my article. I’m always glad seeing you here. There are no enough words Lincoln but be rest assured that I’m grateful and look forward to more happy moments in 2018.
      You’re welcome too.

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      1. I have been writing for many years Whitney, and am very careful about what I share, but you are a very talented writer, and I love talented writers, and you should be very proud of that, I look forward to reading more of your works in 2018


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    1. Wow, greetings to you and everyone at Germany. I believe you are basking in the joy, happiness and peace of the season. Yes I am a very bright spark inside a million Sparks.
      Thank you for stopping by and reaching out. Your comment is highly appreciated.
      Merry Christmas Eberhard.

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