Oftentimes we hear the word “sober reflections” right? And we ponder what it truly means and why we should indulge in it right? Well, I have had similar experience and finally figured out why.

Our dreams and aspirations to succeed in life is often stronger and more powerful than any limitations we encounter in our lives or even by the ones set by other people. Experiences everyday teaches us what we need to know, how we should act or react from henceforth, how not to allow history repeat itself again in our lives etc.

If we want to be more than we are now, we have to constantly reflect and accept responsibility our past actions. We often try to erase our mistakes, act like we never did wrong or offended anyone, walk around like we are saints and everyone around us will have no choice but to walk on eggshells because they feel we are better and holier than them, build our profiles without us in it. This is wrong! by reflecting on our past and failures, we give ourselves the chance to heal and breathe easy, (Most of us don’t know how to breathe anymore), we deny our past the right to haunt us and more so, we discover who we truly are.

Reflections are pre-requisite to healthy living but there are steps to take to make it effective:

. Be aware of yourself and your environment
. Breathe
. Let go of every anger and self pity
. Take one thought at a time. Don’t cloud your memory
. Forgive yourself and forgive anyone that may have offended you
. Be willing to forget what you gave, but don’t forget to forgive
. See your Self-worth in every aspect of your reflections
. Give room to disrupting thinking and by this I mean: activate the events in your head objectively, beliefs and thoughts of the events that led to your emotional response, consequences to your actions(instead of it being negative, try and reason out how you can turn the situation around), then go ahead and effect a clear and positive result.
. Reclaim your time if you were interrupted during the process
. Pray and ask God for a better you.
If you follow these steps, you will discover a thousand and one reasons to live again. What’s there not to like in you anyways😊?

The true essence of reflections is for us to be able to learn from our own mistakes. “Any life which is unexamined is not worth living, Socrates-“. If we fail to search for the meaning of events, why they happened, who made them happened, then our lives will have no meaning too. For everytime we go about life without questioning our motives, attitudes, beliefs and intentions, we act like zombies. Just blindly doing things like we have no choice. We are not robots nor zombies, we are human beings, created by a God who is ever alive. He has given us brains to make use of and to fulfill our destinies.

So therefore, if you want to live a meaningful and purposeful life, you’ve got to learn to develop the ability to reflect more often.

Your recovery is within your reach. Grab it!

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