Be Angry But Do Not Err!

Ephesians 4:6

How humanly possible is this? There are some situations that leaves you boiling at the rate where you feel your heart is sending heavy smokes to your head.

A wise man once said”Never speak when you are angry”, “Never take a decision when you are angry”, “Never make promises when you are angry, for the walls have ears”, but he never said “I’ll teach you what to do. Many of us had to learn what to do the hard way. Sometimes, it just doesn’t feel right to keep quiet and walk away all the time , does it? If you stay and respond, before you know it, you will always find a reason to justify your actions and by so doing you are tagged quarrelsome and they decide to stay from you without remembering you weren’t the one that started it first. You decide to walk away and it seems like you ain’t just good enough. How then do we get angry and not sin?

Postpone today’s anger until tomorrow – Tagalog. Overtime I have learned a lot about anger and one of them is that the best way to overcome anger is to delay your response or action when you are angry. Very difficult to do especially when you have a short temper right?

Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother. [16] But if he will not hear thee,-Mathew 18:15. How do you tell an uncultured man that he just offended you? How do you tell a local tout “agbero in Lagos” that he just offended you without having him rain down on your parade more than he already did? How do you tell a man who can’t feel wrong, know what wrong is, can’t tell wrong from right, everything is always the same to him that he’s just offended you? Remember when you are angry, there’s every tendency you will be in pain. Do you walk away or do you stay and fight him? I will get to that.

To be angry and not sin requires constant practice. It’s not something you wake up in the morning and say “I’m going to do this” and tomorrow you keep it under your pillow and fight that brother that won’t just apologize and the next day you pick it up again. You have to work on it everyday and bear in mind that most of our anger results from pride, misconceptions, misunderstanding, selfishness, sin and failures. You can be righteously angry which means ” you have the capacity of seeing the logs in your own eyes before seeing that if others, you frown at the evils that destroys God’s holy words” but do not sin while you are at it.

I believe there are ways we can be angry and not sin. There are more subtle ways to handle that agbero man who won’t stop raining down on your parade. Here are a few tips ;

. Never respond back immediately, hold your breathe for three seconds and breathe out, do this continuously until you notice your heart ain’t racing anymore. Do this looking away from the offender, if it’s possible walk away from them for the mean time. It doesn’t mean you are a coward or a weakling.

. Never allow their anger to become your anger. Accept people for who they are and never try to justify every actions, yours or theirs.

. Never hold in your anger, when you are much calmer find a neutral ground (every man has a moment of normality) and relate how you feel to the offender but never hold it in. It will only destroy you.

. If it be possible with you, live at peace with all men. It’s not easy doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Romans 12:18

. Continuously be spiritually alert and conscious and you can do this with the help of the Holy Spirit who teaches all things – John 14:26

Anything is possible if you just believe!


19 thoughts on “Be Angry But Do Not Err!

  1. Wonderful advice, Whitney. I used to get so angry before I got saved. It was like a switch in me and I’d go from calm to full of rage in 2 seconds, but since coming to know Jesus I find that He diffuses my anger by filling me up with such love and compassion. I recognise that this is an area that may take practice though and I think your advice is sound and full of Godly wisdom.
    Blessings to you, my friend.
    Love Hayley 😊💕

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    1. Thank you Hayley for taking out time and sharing with us. Anger not only causes us pains, it destroys us and those around us. It’s more toxic than acid and shouldn’t be what we should deal lightly with.
      I’m happy to hear that you are in a better place now with the love of Jesus abounding still with you. Practice they say, makes perfect. Keep practicing and stay in charge of your emotions at all times.
      Thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot dear Hayley. Have a great day. 😘😘

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  2. I love it. Anger is an awful thing. I have to practice self-control everyday that I won’t get angry and sometimes I do lose control, but I thank God for his new mercies everyday and that he gives me a second chance. Beautiful post Whitney.

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    1. Hanger has caused a lot of damages and abnormalities in the lives of people and is still causing them till date.
      We ought to be in charge of all our emotions at all times and not the other way round.
      Thank you very much for your insightful contribution. It’s very thoughtful of you to drop by and share.
      Bless you too and have a blessed day.


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