The Beauty Of Old Age

There is a beauty youth can never know,
With all the lusty radiance of his prime,
A beauty the sole heritage of time,
That gilds the fabric with a sunset glow,
That glorifies the work it soon lays low,
There is a charm in old age, well nigh sublime,
That lends new lustre to the poet’s rhyme,
As mountain peaks are grander crowned with snow.
How gay the laugh of Youth! But, oh, how brave
The stately weakness of a Reverend Age.

Christian old age should be beautiful. It should have all the melowness of autumn, after the heat and toiling of summer. Of course, youth has its beauty which lies more in their strength, and so has manhood, but there is a loveliness in old age, which is more winning than aught in any period of time.

For every time I looked at my grandparents while they were still on earth, I couldn’t help but admire the radiance and glory that surrounded their gray hair. They were indeed a beauty to behold. If you’ve never appreciated your old folks, it’s time you started doing that now. For they are just as the shinning light that shines more and more every day.

Good morning everyone and keep shinning all our grand folks…

28 thoughts on “The Beauty Of Old Age

  1. I love the words & encouragement in this post! Just lovely! Thank you!

    I’m a grandmother of 10 grandchildren, thank you for the appreciation of aging, we don’t get that a great deal in western society, I am aging…I now have white hair where strawberry blonde once resided…& hopefully a little wisdom has attached itself too!

    I’m a newbie to blogging…

    You are most welcome to drop by & join me with your favorite beverage & tasty treat for a time of reflection at


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