Stop The Labeling…

Do you know how annoyed you get when you meet some one for the first time and get judged by him or her without even getting to know you? Do you know how frustrated you get when something that rightly belongs to you is denied you simply because they had a hunch about you? How about how belittling you feel when an opportunity you ought to get, gets by you because they heard something about you that wasn’t even true and they never cared to find out the authenticity of their allegations? If you know or knew how you felt, then you would not allow another go through the same thing by you, from you, or through you.

The idea of labelling people is not ok. Putting a tag on God’s perfect creation is an act every one of us must desist from. If you are not comfortable with someone’s attitude or disposition, walk up to them and make it known to them, rather than tell it to the whole world and get their image tarnished for something that could have been resolved easily if properly communicated. Not one of us is perfect even though we are all striving towards perfection.

If you tend to live with only your own kind, think about this “We have stop evaluating others from a human point of view – 2 Corinthians 5:16NLT. Jesus went out of his way to meet a Samaritan woman at a well. From a cultural and religious point of view it was a bad move right? I mean first, she’d been married five times, so she had a tarnished reputation. Second she was a Gentile and in those days the Jewish couldn’t drink water fetched by the Gentiles. Generally the Jews referred to the Gentiles as unclean and believed they would get contaminated if they mingled with them.

Guess what? Jesus was all about including people and not excluding them. He touched lepers, loved foreigners, spent so much time with party goers, cast asides, rejected ones etc. How many of us Christians can do this today? One? Two? Without finding justification to be left alone from such? Without labelling the person or people?

Jesus didn’t label anyone. He loved them just the way they were and He still does. He wants you and I to do the same. He’s aware it’s not going to be an easy task especially in a fallen world like ours but He’s promised His grace is sufficient-2 Corinthians 12:9. God wants us to change the way we look at people, not seeing them as Jews nor gentiles,as poor or rich, as worthy or unworthy, as insiders or outsiders, as liberals or conservatives, etc.

Let’s start evaluating people from the human point of view. Let’s stop Labeling them and start loving them the best way we can. Some of them are our angels but we are blinded to that fact by hate and anger. Today, make frantic efforts to love people and not label them. You can begin with one person at a time.

Good morning and have a blessed weekend.

28 thoughts on “Stop The Labeling…

    1. For real? Smiles… Great minds think alike. Thank you very much Ma’am for stopping by and commenting. It’s about time we stopped Labeling people and start loving them and the ones that are so full of hate we keep praying that they have a change of heart. I appreciate your kind words.
      Have a blessed day.


    1. I totally agree David. A lot of people are nice but as soon as they get labeled, they become very aggressive and everything they do from thenceforth no longer matters.
      Thank you very much for sharing. It’s very thoughtful of you my friend.


      1. I love you Whitney and when you’re posting new entries in the blog… smiling and thinking on lots of subject… you’re great 👍👍👍👍🙈🙈🙈😘😘


  1. I believe we place labels on others to make ourselves feel more comfortable about ourselves. It helps us to overlook our own flaws and places the focus upon the perceived flaws of others who do not meet our standards. The larger issue at hand is that we ignorantly believe that others feel the same as we do.

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    1. Well tailored Sean indeed we are blinded to our own faults and believe every other person feels or does the same. Thank you very much for your perfect contribution.
      I’m glad you shared. Have a blessed week ahead.

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    1. Well said, we must endeavor to see the good in people and if they turn out to be the perfect cliche for bad, we keep praying for them.
      I truly appreciate your contributions. Thank you very much.


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