The Virtue Of Diligence

The word “diligence” means to cut or sharpen “. It describes a worker who is sharp, decisive and keen in all he does. He or she wants to work, make a difference and contribute to their lives and society. Life owes you nothing except an opportunity to succeed and my dearest you’ll have to work for that success and even if you do get it hands on, you will still have to work to maintain the status quo. No matter how you look at it, there will always be work in success.

We all dream of having it all one day, by being diligent in what our hands finds to do, we improve our everyday life and reap lifelong rewards. Despite the conditions in our economy, there’s always a way for one to be successful and that way is to be diligent. Diligence reaps reward but a lazy man would always find reasons not to work and justification for every reward he reaps.

Shortcuts has no landmarks to success. One day two teens were talking when one said to the other “I’m really worried”. Mom slaves away at her job, so I’ll never want for anything. She pays my bills and sends me to college. She also slaves every day washing, ironing, and cleaning up after me, even takes care of me when I’m sick. Puzzled, his friend asked ” So, what are you worried about? He replied” I’m worried the slaves might escape away”.

If you are a parent, teach your children the virtue of diligence. And don’t preach it “Live it”. You’ll know you are succeeding when they no longer feel entitled to an allowance, stop seeing you as a human cashpoint with the word “Free Money” stamped on your forehead. Your children will spend over half the waking hour of their prime adult life working, and they need to know it was God’s idea and not some form of punishment.

God gave Adam the job of tending to the garden before sin came to the scene- Gen 2:15″,Jesus was a carpenter and Paul an influential tent maker. There’s nothing dishonorable about work worth doing no matter how little or how insignificant it is and nothing dishonorable about work worth doing well.

whatever our hands finds to do let’s do it diligently and remember that the hands of the diligent makes rich. – proverbs 10:4. Good morning everyone and have a blessed week.

16 thoughts on “The Virtue Of Diligence

    1. Yes Kamal they need to know from early stage the essence of hard work and putting in their best in whatsoever that’s what doing that their hands finds to do.
      Thank you for your kind words.


  1. Nice post and a brainstorming post in order to digital era where smartphones are goddess our childhood… diligence could be heard as a deadly seven sin… well diligence is a magnificent word and we must introducing as summary in the digital epoch… hardest work and lovely. I think so

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    1. You are right David. Diligence is a word in rare supply amongst our youth today. Smartphones seems to be the order of the day, there they see and learn a lot of good and also unreproductive stuffs.
      Nevertheless, as parents it’s still our job to tell them and teach them what’s right and profitable in the world to be successful.
      Thanks dear for insightful comments. 😊😊


    1. Yes dear we all need to be diligent in whatsoever that’s worth doing our hands finds doing. Your mom is a great woman and you must be very proud of her. I’m glad you dropped by and shared.
      Have a blessed week ahead.

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