Marks Of Greatness…

Just as visions are given to prepare for any task, so also is passion the the fuel that drives any vision. Desiring to be great is expected of anyone who has passion for what he or she does but there are guidelines and principles that precedes greatness. If we desire to be great then it is wrong for anyone of us, in our splendid abilities and potentials to stay in “contented insignificance”.

“God wants us to be great and do great things here on earth. He wants us to do exploits everywhere we go. We are for signs and wonders.”

Regardless of all these, God has his own definition of greatness. No matter how great you desire to be, you can not achieve it by constantly seeking to be first but you can achieve it by willing to give others the chance to be first and I mean this in the most humble way trust me. Ask anyone that became great, they got to where they are by being willing to serve and not others serving them. You achieve greatness by becoming a servant of all and being humble about it.

Today there are mistaken opinions about what it means to be great. The disciples of Jesus were not left out in this. The felt if they held high positions in the world they would be great and that misconception is still thriving in our world today. Jesus told them childlikeness was the highest greatness.

As we strive to be great and excel in all of our life’s pursuit, let’s embrace and imbibe these marks of greatness ; “Simplicity, Trust, Humility, Selflessness, Absence of ambition and Contentment.
Remember” We are greatest when we are not even aware of being great”.

#morningdigest.. Good morning everyone!

26 thoughts on “Marks Of Greatness…

  1. Whitney our lives no bed of roses only to Hollywood movies and could be a boxing match, you must be preparing to strive and when you’re standing up … ring a a good job, if you don’t striving just a zombie a great paradox


    1. Professor David, Hollywood paints a beautiful picture that anything can be achieved when you dream big but it takes more than dreams to be successful or achieve greatness. 😎😎 hope you don’t watch too many Hollywood?

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      1. Whitney … wise answer, unfortunately I don’t watching movies from USA I prefer European and Brit films… besides I hate LA no to me this mega city and I prefer good books and people as you… my feet on ground


  2. Hello Whitney,

    you remind us always that we are God’s creatures, and that we are born for great deeds. I believe that we have a great power in us, to create things around us, and in our life. Great power is in us, and if you want, God is in us.With that power everything is possible,right


    1. Yes ambition is linked to greatness. Ambition is not wrong, But ambition is never neutral. It always stems from somewhere. James 3:13-18 tells us that there are two types of ambition. 1. The selfish ambition and 2. the ambition that stems from the wisdom that is “above”. Oluchi dear I was referring to the selfish ambition. The one that has self promotion at its centre.
      Hope I answered your question? Thank you very much for dropping by and commenting.

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