Be Watchful!

It is right to have clean hands but it is more important to have a clean heart. Some people are most punctilious about minute ceremonies, while they pay small heed to the moralities of their lives. It is the inner life that makes character. A bad life defies everything ; it is a nest of unholy things.

A lady took a dead child’s photograph and touched it with her brush until the little one seemed to live in the picture. But in a day or two the face was covered with blotches. There was something on the paper on which the picture the picture had been taken which worked up through the colors and spoiled it. So in many lives, there are bad qualities which work up through all outside manners and refinements, and spoil the beauty.

The syrophenician woman knew that she was in the presence of one who could heal her child, and she simply would not go away until she got her plea. Her importunity prevailed upon him. We give up too easily when the answer is slow and not forth coming. We doubt the still small voice inside our head telling us “everything is going to be alright”. As a result of that, we display the wrong emotions that makes us look bad and have bad character. It’s time we be Watchful of the character we display on the outside and to do that, we need to work on what goes on, on the inside of us.

Good morning… Be Watchful… Have a character building day!

18 thoughts on “Be Watchful!

  1. Good morning. 🙂 Truly inspiring post. It rings true in the sense of putting family and those in the real world first regardless of ambitions. At the end of the day it makes me an those around me happy. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Nice post again Whitney , the human need a nice dichotomy between brain as heart and is similar to society as love ‘er gold or vice versa, if you have watched both level …probably we must be resetting lots thing from time we’re living and the best is yet to come ! Breathing our hearts working fine.


    1. Was sad when I heard the story but grasped the picture the narrator was trying to paint. It could be a fiction to inspire people and it could be real as well.
      That’s what I deduced. I decided to narrate the story based on its moral lesson it depicts.
      Thanks for commenting my friend.

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