Be Thoughtful!

The world doesn’t begin and end with you!

The measure of a man’s usefulness is in the number of people who needs him. Sadly, we measure our usefulness by how rich and affluent we are. We could care less about the needs of other people and when we show any little kindness, we stand at the city gate and announce it. Every one passing by would see and say “That man is do thoughtful”, “He has a big heart”. We walk around with our shoulders high and our neck stretched out like that of an ostrich seeking for more eye service and vain glory in return.

We are often hyper – active over the wrong things and very sluggish over the needs of other people. This act is very common in the world and especially in Nigeria. Sundays we dress our best and dance even better than David did. The moment the preacher announces donations for the underprivileged, we suddenly develop ear problems and many others remember they’ve got some lousy left over change in their wallets. Celine Dion in one of her song “Love is all we need” said “People don’t seem to care as long as it’s not about them” and I couldn’t agree any less.

It doesn’t have to be about you before you care or think about your neighbors. We say that only Christ can meet to the needs of other people, but guess what? He needs you and I to do it. He’s too busy to leave His throne and come do what you and I can do. The only hand he has for love ministries are our hands. The only bread he has for human hunger is the bread in our baskets.

Let’s be thoughtful today and give to someone to eat and be blessed as you do so. Good morning…. #morningdigest!

8 thoughts on “Be Thoughtful!

  1. Whitney we’re a sand grain in the earth unfortunately some creatures thinking they’re the hub of the day and no more toxic things around cos life could be wondrous and live it up! And eating a yummy bread.


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