Falling In Love with You..(Quest Post)

Often wondered what it feels like to be in love
Tried viewing it under a microscope to understand
They say love is crazy now I know why
It is the most unexplainable feelings a person can ever endure
They are better expressed when you meet the one that excites you

Let me be the shoulder you lean on for support
Let me be the arm that holds you when you need a hug
When all you see is hate, let me be the one that showers you with affections
I want to look past the fact that I’m broken without you
Your past don’t matter to me.. Our future does
To me, you are perfect

I want to laugh hard at your dry jokes and funny ways of doing things
I want to hear you call me those weird nicknames when I act crazy
I want to be the reason why you smile unconsciously and when asked what’s funny? You just can’t explain it
I want a life with you my sunshine
I want to grow old with you
Everyone deserves to be loved and so do you!
I want to mean the world to you and you mean the world to me

I will be your safety
I will be your safe haven
I will be there before you ever need me
I will be me for you whenever you need me
Hold me close…
Don’t ever let go…
The world don’t exist when I’m with you

This really feels like falling in love
I know when I’m falling in love
Settle down with me my love
I may not be good with expressing my love
But with this feelings… I know I’m in love with you…

I am so in love with you!

Written by Michael… I hope you get this Vanessa

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