Blessed Assurance!

“I was at ease with what I had, everything seemed fine until suddenly trouble found me. I became smitten and reproached and my eyes are so dim. My friends scorn me and none would listen”.

It may seem as though right now you are nothing, cast down and afraid to the point your bones are shaken. You may have screamed and pleaded for help but no one answered. You’ve been angry for so long and it’s killing you. You appear foolish every time you speak because you are constantly in wrath. You are far from being safe for everything keeps falling apart. The life you knew is in a thousand pieces on the floor and you think you will never get back to the you there used to be…

You may have asked “where is my strength that I should hope?”, “what is my end when I can’t see through the start and now?”, “why live?”,

Tell your heart to beat again, don’t allow your heart carry you away and you turn your spirit away from me. I have promised you that you and your seed shall be great and thy offsprings as the grass of the earth and I will fulfill it. I give knowledge, wisdom and joy to anyone that is good in my sight… “You are good in my sight”.

Be restassured I’ve got your back but you’ve got to come back to me. My righteousness is still in you. Tell me, what has your arguing solved? Nothing! Can the rush grow up without the mire? Can the flag grow without water? Yet I make anything and everything possible. I make streams of living water to flow in the desert and a way in the wilderness.

Be restassured that though your beginning was small, your latter end shall greatly increase. Your age shall be clearer than the noonday, you shall shine forth and be as the morning. You shall be secured because there is hope and none shall make you afraid ever again. But you’ve got to trust me!

Be restassured that I am all you need. I do and still do marvelous things without numbers. I give rain upon the earth and send waters to the fields without help. My eyes are on you and I hear every prayer you make and see every tear drop. At the appointed time, I will make everything perfect! You are not alone. I am with you.


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