Every Child Is Unique!

Does a baby come into the world with a complex personality, or is that child a blank slate on which experience will write? In the past, behavioural scientists believed newborns had no temperamental or emotional characteristics upon arrival from the womb.

Their little personalities were supposedly formed entirely by the experiences that came their way in ensuing years. But most parents knew better. Every mother of two or more children was convinced that each of her infants had a different personality – a different feel – from the very first time they were held.

Now, after years of research, numerous authorities in child development acknowledge that those mothers were right. One important study identified nine characteristics that varied in babies – including things such as moodiness, level of activity and responsiveness. They also found that the differences from child to child tended to persist into later life. Indeed, babies do differ in infinite ways that define our humanness and our individuality.

If every snowflake that falls has its own design, and if every grain of sand at the seashore is unique, it makes no sense to suppose that children are assembly-line products stamped out by the same giant cookie cutter. There’s no denying the importance of environment and human experience in shaping who we are and how we think. But there can be no doubt that each person on earth is a one-of-a-kind creation from the earliest moments of life.

As God told Jeremiah: ‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart’ (Jeremiah 1:5). You need to know that about your children.

18 thoughts on “Every Child Is Unique!

    1. Smiles… I guess that’s why they are called experts In their field. Nevertheless theories are opened for review as we never stop researching.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I’m pleased you dropped by.


  1. Amen that is so true. Every child is unique and different. They grow and learn in different ways. You have to respect each and meet them where they are just like Jesus does. I love children that’s why I love my job. Children are amazing.


      1. Thank you I appreciate that. God has me there with these kids that I drive back and forth to school everyday and I want to try and teach them something. I’m honored to have these kids. They teach me something everyday.


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