If God Did It Then, Why Doesn’t He Do It Now?

You may wonder, if God is the same now as he was then, why don’t I see him doing miracles the way he did in the old testament and even in the new testament? Why is my case so different? Isn’t he God anymore? It’s true if you look around and don’t see rivers turned to blood or lepers healed instantly, you may conclude that the old testament stories are just inspiring legends right?

Well, the first thing we must remember is that in the Bible, the special effects were not the main show. God performed them to serve the plot(His plan) and the characters (Himself and His people). He used the flashy stuff sparingly, at key moments, to move events or make a point about Himself or His kingdom.

Throughout most of history and prehistory, God has preferred to let the laws of physics, chemistry and biology, which he invented, play out naturally. It’s easy to loose sight of this fact when you read the Bible because the biblical writers skipped over those vast stretches of time and focused on strategic moments when God entered history. For example, God allowed generations of humans in the Middle East to figure out how to plant crops and herd goats, invent writing, fight wars, kidnap women and kill babies, die of diseases or live to see their grandchildren. Then out of the blue, God spoke to a particular Iraqi herdsman named Abram and he began to direct this man’s life (Gen 12). Meanwhile, thousands of people in Africa went on hunting game in the jungle and across the plains without any idea that the creator of the universe was up to something in the Middle East.

Maybe liberation for an oppressed people is not at the front of your mind. Maybe you’re more interested in the personal miracles, such as the healings performed by Elisha and Elijah in 1 and 2 Kings. Jesus pointed out that Elijah did only a handful of miracles in his long prophetic career, and God chose to do one of the big ones not in Isreal but in a foreign country. Likewise, Elisha did just a few healings, and the main one was for a foreigner.

Miracles were not the focus of these prophets ministries. Miracles were lessons, illustrations, not ends in themselves. To seek the miracle rather than God Himself is to miss the point tragically. God is the same today as He was in the time of Elijah and Jesus. He can do miraculous healings whenever and wherever he chooses.

If God isn’t doing the miracle you want or need him to, maybe you’re blocking it. Don’t desire miracles without God, none works without the other. He is still committed to good in your life.

16 thoughts on “If God Did It Then, Why Doesn’t He Do It Now?

  1. Envy human beings want miracles as rabbits from a top hat and you could be a lover of magicians and you need see the real world and striving day to day… the rabbit is in the forest and no from hat 🎩.


  2. Miracle is what every human wants these days. Failing to seek for God and get to know him before even asking for anything. Its a sense of entitlement that we have and have misused it. Thank God for grace. Great post dear.


  3. That is so true. We tend to hinder God alot and sometimes we don’t realize it. A lot of my problem in the past was to not forgive people for hurting me and actually I was hurting myself because I was hindering God from all the things he could in my life. I stopped him from being able to work in my life, to bless my life, and so on. Once I learned to forgive others and I mean truly forgive them I find that God is able to work and he has done amazing things for me. We need to get out of the way and let God. Like you said in your other post we need to let go. Yes that’s easier said than done, but if we can just surrender our lives over to him and ask him to help us each day to trust him than we don’t have to struggle and try to do things on our own. We’ll have God’s help and that makes all the difference.


    1. Smiles… It’s always easier said than done but like you rightly said, if we can just surrender our lives over to him then we wouldn’t need to struggle when we decide to let go.
      Thank you very much for sharing and may God continue to be your help now and always.
      Have a good day.

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