The People Pleasers…

Very often we find ourselves doing things we don’t love or want to do just because we are scared of what “the people” might say. The people’s voices echoes louder in everything we do than our own voices. Even the bravest of us get knocked out when they fail to do what the people wants. Remember Saul in the scriptures? He got knocked out of his throne because he chose to obey the people than obey the voice of God “1 Samuel 13:1-14″.

There are a lot of things we allow to cling to us that weighs us down and draws us back. We find it difficult to see past our failures and discover how great we are because the voices we keep hearing are voices that breaks us. God is always speaking but when we fail to listen to the voice of God in our head then chances of us listening to the voice of strangers becomes very high.

For every time God wants to promote you, he test you to see if you are someone he can trust and will obey him no matter what. By all means if God lays something in your heart, please go ahead and do it. Stop doing things just to please people, stop doing things so you can be seen and praised “Mat 6:12“. That’s not what God wants you to do. When you do what God wants us to, he makes people to love you whether they like it or not “Proverbs 16:7“.

We should desist from second guessing ourselves because someone doesn’t cheer and clap at what we do. I’m not saying you cant be corrected but you don’t need the whole world to tell you that you’re OK before you know you’re OK. You don’t go about asking everyone “is my hair ok?”, “do I look ok?”,”are you sure I can do this?”,.

You can’t succeed if the whole world believes in you, you succeed when you believe in yourself. If someone rejects you, just shake it off and try again somewhere else but waiting for the people’s opinion before you know what you’re worth is destructive. If one person rejects you another will like you.

You have to realize that if someone rejects you, it doesn’t mean something is wrong with you all the time but oftentimes we are so sworn over by rejection. It’s OK to serve, to love the people but never put them above what God has called you to. Stop blaming the people when you miss out of God’s blessings or you are saddled with the consequences of disobeying him “1 Samuel 15:20-22″, 1 Samuel 15:26-27″.

People will not always be happy when you do what God wants you to do. That’s their problem not yours! Your focus should be to do what God needs you to do and not what the people wants you to do-“Colossians 3:23-25“. Make sure what you are doing now is what God wants you to do and not what the people wants you to do.

If you have the disease to please, it’s not always easy to break away from it because the whole people you please all the time will be against you and if you are not strong enough, you get broken and to get healed may take forever to happen and sadly, sometimes it never happens.

How to know you have the disease to please: .

If you can’t say no without feeling bad or guilty about it .

If you feel selfish to say No . Constantly insecure .

If you are consciously anxious because everybody expects something from you, always differently .

If you are constantly in fear of expressing your emotions

Do want to stop being the people pleaser? Then have a secured mindset. When you are secured, you can make decisions that God approves and not what men want. Have your voice and know what God needs you to do. Be decisive and seek the face of God before you do anything that involves the people.

Desire overides everything, have the desire to please God than to please the people and trust me, God will never allow you make wrong choices that will harm or affect the people he has entrusted in your care

17 thoughts on “The People Pleasers…

  1. Nice entry unfortunately I knew human beings as Doctor Jekyll & Mr Hyde when he’s acting as social animal and myself and it’s so sad… I don’t understand the learning roles in life , when. I want it I prefer ball dance or traveling to carnivals as Venice…

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      1. Did you ever hear of fictional characters Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in the novel, Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which is a gothic novella by the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson first published in 1886? Part of this sentence is from 🙂


  2. I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about people pleasing anymore. I eventually learned that people pleasing doesn’t do anything anybody any good. You’ll never make anyone truly happy. Our happiness comes from knowing the Lord.


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