Be Creative.. #2

Do you know that God uses the simple things we encounter every day to teach us valuable lessons about who we are and meant to be? The problem is we don’t listen anymore. We are often busy hearing ourselves instead of hearing his voice. Very often when we go through any crisis we are so quick to react and make decisions without stopping for a second to listen to what God is trying to say and have him explain why what happened just happened.

Being creative is not far from this too. We tend to silence the voice in our head that wants us to try new things in different ways. Being creative doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. If you’ve decided to do something different then do it. If you have children try and have fun with them. Listen to their tales and share their craziness with them. It’s possible all they want is for you to listen.

Because everything we do seems to be a routine, we find it difficult to smile much less at those around us. In Lagos smiling is very difficult due to the economic situation in the country much less smiling at our neighbors. Everyone walks on eggshells, like a timed bomb waiting to explode. We plan when to smile, when to laugh, when to ease up, when to do anything fun. This is so annoying and it makes living boring.

If you’ve got a great desire to change your routine, I encourage you to go ahead and try. If you do make a mistake, it won’t be the end of the world. Don’t live in regrets anymore, don’t look back and wish you had done things differently. Find a balance between living in fear and living freely.

Don’t get trapped and allow your life to become stale.

21 thoughts on “Be Creative.. #2

  1. Thanks so much.. that spontaneity is so important because a lot of us are living lives way below our potential . Just changing small things tend to make us rethink a lot of things.


  2. Wow, a complex solution when you must be put light in your shadows , it could a night creation and our fears doing nonsense things . A thing is sure if light is seeing at the end of the shadows … you ain’t behemoth and smile and strongest ideas is a big step to you


      1. No, no regrets with folowing my Heavenly Father, ever!
        He has carried me through many life events, some tragic, others joyous…
        And even joy has come out of the tragic & that only comes through relationship with Jesus…


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