Work On Yourself..

Keep working on yourself!

The story of Paganini really inspires me. Paganini was one of the greatest virtuosos of all time. He performed his first concert at eleven. Ultimately, he revolutionized violin technique forever. When he died in 2840,he bequeathed his violin to his birthplace of Genoa, on one condition, that nobody plays it ever again.

The city father’s agreed and put in on display. Wooden instruments have a certain peculiarity you know, as long as they’re played, they show no wear. But if they lie dormant, they begin to decay, which is what to Paganini’s violin. Of course, other instruments of the same vintage that have been handed down from one musician to another has continued to bless the world.

Got the lesson right? Success is a continuing thing. It involves growth and development. It entails achieving one thing then using it as a stepping stone to something. It’s not something you attain and stop. It has no stopping place. Every day you live takes you to the process of Becoming. That’s why what you become depends largely on what you give yourself.

We’ve got to learn to value the process more than the product. There are certain events that may be helpful in making your decision, but it’s the process that matures you into what God wants you to be. Keep working on yourself and don’t wait for inspiration all the time. Yes it’s good to be inspired (I find inspiration in and through the things around me) but sometimes you can run on excitement. Nevertheless, only discipline will carry you through. Ben Feldman “Only a fool learns from his own experience.”

Life is always filled with critical moments when you trade one thing for another. So trade up, not down. The secret of success is in our daily routine, examine your routines and streamline them.

Remember, when God starts taking you higher, he needs you prepared. So, get prepared by continually working on yourself.

24 thoughts on “Work On Yourself..

  1. If you relying on yourself, a thing is sure things are seeing in different colors and it’s a great step to you and around us. Take care and look on the bright side of life…


  2. Work on yourself is contrary to workaholic, live it up as when bloggers read your entries, thanks again to my golden mine woman 😉😉😉👍👍👍😘😘😘


  3. I just have to stop and remember to keep growing and not stop. I always want to be working on myself, but this has helped me see things from a different perspective. Thanks Whitney. I hope you’re having a blessed weekend.

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