Knowing The Season You’re In

I’m pretty sure you’re wondering “Whitney, how do I know what season I’m in much less when the season is ending”. The way you know the season you’re in is ended or ending is when the grace that accompanied the season no longer exist. What was once easy becomes hard.

David said a successful man is like a tree planted by the rivers of water, which yields its fruit in season – Psalm 1-3″.. You can only be fruitful in your season but very often we don’t recognize that. Your blessings and success occurs where you’re fruitful. You can’t just do it whenever you want to. It has to be at your appointed time.

When the right season comes, it’s effortless for a tree to produce what’s stored within. There’s fruit within us that can only be successfully produced when you understand what season you’re in. If we do things right, each season can be the best one of our lives.

When we pray and it seems as though God ain’t answering, let’s remember that He may be at work, taking away the branches that don’t belong and pruning the ones that do. There’s a time for planting, and a time for pruning. When God starts to cut back certain things in your life in order to re-directed your purpose, believe me you won’t look at all. He knows what needs to be cut back and what needs to be cut off all you’ve got to do is Trust Him.

Waiting for the right season is not easy but it’s necessary. God works on both ends; He gets you ready for the blessings and gets the blessings ready for you as well. Don’t follow the band wagon, know what season you are in and make the best of it.

14 thoughts on “Knowing The Season You’re In

  1. I can’t tell you how much this post has helped me today, Whitney. I’m definitely in that season where I feel God is pruning the branches and it does actually hurt a bit! Reading this has helped me to process what God is doing in my life. Thank you so much!
    Hayley 😊🙏


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