It’s Not Difficult!

It’s not difficult to bless the Lord at some times. There are days when all is bright. There is no sickness in our house. No recent sorrow has left our heart sad. It is easy to bless the Lord then. Isn’t it? Sure it is.

But then, there are other times when things are different and difficult. Business doesn’t seem prosperous, the bills ain’t getting paid, the children aren’t getting what they deserve and desire, your wife won’t stop nagging and you don’t leave the office till ten pm. We begin to say this verse but never get through with it. “I will bless the Lord at all………” the words seems to get choked up and we don’t understand how we can bless the name of the Lord when nothing is working out right? I understand.

We can not bless the Lord for the broken hearts and health, for promises yet to be fulfilled. Yet, there the word stands. We can not change the words to: “I will bless the Lord at some times, His praise will be on my lips on certain days – when the days are bright, and the sun shines”.

It is not our business to write Bible verses, if it were up to us, we would write only when we are happy and what suits us. Rather it is our business to bring our lives up to the written standards of the inspired words. So we must learn to say the words as they are written. They may not be good to us but they are most definitely good for us.

We’ve got to learn to praise the Lord in good times and bad times. Through dark days and glorious days, in pain and in pleasure. It’s never easy but it’s not impossible. Let’s give it a try today… Shall we?

Good morning everyone and have a great day.

15 thoughts on “It’s Not Difficult!

  1. A nice entry again, if you’re looking for a complex creature… a human being where words have more power than money and our mandatory in the modern time. If you can do it… welcome to the real world contains doldrums ta!

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  2. Hi Whitney,

    that is one great habit. To say “Thank you” on daily basis. I like to say “Thank you God ” for my kids, every day ! Thank you is one great sentence, with a lot of positive energy 🙂

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  3. One thing for sure! In good times we are filled with the day to day stuff! In tough times God is growing us! I will praise the Lord! Heavenly Father strengthens me and he never fore sakes me! I am so thankful for the Good as well as the bad! When we are seeing things as bad it is the life of loving, crying and restoring that God gets me through! God bless you for remembering and telling others to always Praise the Lord! Have a blessed day!

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