Terror Pranks…. How far?

I was listening to the news recently and couldn’t help but wonder if freedom of expression has become a crime. We see to abuse our rights to do things all in the name of creating entertainment. Why should we joke about terrorism? Why joke about some one getting hurt or cities in chaos. There’s a limit to how far we should go with jokes. I don’t see anything funny when people get hurt. Regardless of who they are or what they are.

Watching clips after clips of terror Pranks on the social media is giving room for evil to be celebrated and thrive in our world. Some of the things we frown about back in the day are the things we use today for jokes. We no longer know what we are supposed to know and what we shouldn’t. We no longer care what we expose our children and teenagers to all in the name of entertainment.

The purpose of creating the social media was to ease communications and keep people in touch with one another both far and near, share thoughts and ideas with great minds around the world. For information, publicity and even networking. But sadly, many of us especially our youths loose themselves the moment they get online. The social media has become so terrible that it’s now a place for gossip, a place to air our dirty laundry, a place to deceive people(popularly called scam) etc.

There should be some sort of limitation, restrictions or ban on some certain things that shouldn’t be allowed to be displayed on the social media.

Fake bombs, fake explosions, staged murders, fake robbery attacks, fake ghost hunt, stunts that resemble acid attacks – as competition for eyeballs on YouTube are getting fiercer every day, popular vloggers are resorting to extreme pranks to get clicks. These people will do just about anything to get publicity.
Recently saw a prank of staged ghost that appears to people and out of shock they run into places they are not supposed to run to. A young man trying to run got hit by a car and died at the spot. I couldn’t help but ask, why? I also saw the footage about robbery prank at the London National Portrait Gallery. It wasn’t funny at all.

The question is ; Are these video Pranks really funny? Are they controversy theories? What happens to the victims of these nefarious acts? How much bad is considered bad enough?

I think it’s high time we put some sort of restrictions on what gets displayed on the social media. There’s nothing funny about terrorism, victimizations, conflicts or wars and seeing people scared.

22 thoughts on “Terror Pranks…. How far?

  1. Wow nice entry again , unfortunately I knew lots of human beings playing a different role depending on you or many others. A thing is sure I hate these folks and all instructions in the social network… doomsday. I’ve suffered terrible behavior at Facebook and I cancelled subscription years ago and I can be living up! A nice experience…


    1. I agree with you David. Many people have had terrible experience from the social media. Many have been victimized, blackmailed, and harassed.
      We need to understand the essence of the social media and stop using it for negative activities.
      Thank you David for sharing. It’s always a pleasure to have you comment.

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