You Decide!

Far too often, we run from person to person, asking, “What do you think about this?”, “what do you think about that?,” what should I do?, “how do I do this or that?”. I understand that most times when we ask this question could be out of honest desire for assistance but in most cases we do it because we want the people to accept or approve of us, or not to be angry with us.

If we do what they say, we reason, they will be pleased with us. This need for approval and acceptance often drives us to ask for advice from people who most of the time are not qualified to give advice or who might even give us suggestions that would work for their benefit instead of ours. Bad advice, if followed, leads to bad decisions, and bad decisions make for a miserable life.

We will never enjoy our lives if we allow other people to control us. As a matter of fact, we will be miserable, confused, and tired as a result of trying to please people who seek to influence us in ways that go against our own hearts. Allowing other people to make our decisions for us is not only foolish, it will make us unhappy. We were created to use the free will God has given us.

It’s OK to ask for guidance from trust-worthy people but we must learn to also seek guidance from God and to know in our hearts what we should do in every situation. You alone is responsible for your choices, so you need to be the one who makes them.

Seeking advice from trustworthy people that has our interests at heart is quite different from soliciting opinions from people we hardly know, people who do not exhibit wisdom, or simply enjoy telling us what to do. You do know there are people who enjoy telling us what to do right? They do it not because they care, but because they enjoy being in control of our lives.

There are people who put counsel and suggestions in perspective and not allow it to influence them unduly while others just want to follow advice quickly and thoroughly once they hear it without filtering the information. If you are the kind of person who can listen to someone else’s opinion and then step away for a while to make your own decisions, fine. But if you are the type of person who hears others opinion and feel you must act on it no matter the cost and consequences, then please don’t ask for much advice.

We’ve got to realize that we have the right to make our own choices and strike a balance when it comes to how much of what people say to us we allow in our lives. Wisdom is profitable to direct and remember that scorpions are not usually aware of who they sting, except the person that gets beaten.

10 thoughts on “You Decide!

  1. Great post as always. Like my mummy will say “people can only give you what they have”. Hence people will advice you based on their own knowledge nd experience. The best counsel is from God and his word


  2. A nice entry again unfortunately human beings no experts in advice they can telling about experiences when they talk about advices… I’m looking in the other side and an example of feeble saviour… you must be heard a strive between heart and brain and welcome to the real world

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