You Are Not An Accident!

Albert Einstein said “God doesn’t play dice and he’s right, because long before you were conceived by your parents, you were conceived in the mind of God. Yes that’s true! He thought of you first before anything else. It is not fate, chance, coincidence or luck that you are here on earth right now. Your birth was no mistake or accident, neither was it a fluke or twist in nature. It’s true there are some birth we don’t plan, but that’s not the case with God. He’s not surprised by your birth. You were expected.

Every single detail of your body is well detailed with spare parts readily available for replacement when demanded. Your skin color, hair, race were deliberately chosen and not a product of scientific reaction. There’s no other You anywhere. The talents you possess that makes you unique was determined by him. He left no detail to chance or circumstances. He also decided how you would be born.

My younger sister came in the weirdest way possible. My mother felt like pooping and just as she went into the restroom, my sister came out alongside the poop. She couldn’t complain about the environment, all she cared about was her bundle of joy beautifully created and in her arms. The same thing with God, he knows where you would be born, how you would be born and what really matters to him is and still remains You.

Oftentimes I hear people say “my parents are illegitimate, but there are no illegitimate children. Regardless of the fact that some children may be unplanned by their parents, they are not unplanned by God. The church portrays this fact by saying” No” to abortion.

There’s a reason for everything He creates. There are no accidents with him and He never makes mistakes. Every plant, animal were planned by Him. God is not haphazard, he plans everything with great precision. I have discovered that the more scientists learn about the universe, the more better we understand how everything in it suites our existence and makes living possibible.

You are who you are for a reason, you look the way you do for a reason. Your parents are yours for a reason. Your siblings may be imperfect but they are yours for a reason. Situations may be traumatic and hard but they are also happening for a reason. There are no accidents and I personally don’t believe in coincidence.

You are beautiful!

12 thoughts on “You Are Not An Accident!

  1. According to an Aussie pal… no more beautiful about rainbow and lots of colours in this palette. Nobody’s perfect and nothing ever happens when the difference is a rich habit in our world…. trust on you and myopic in all school of human beings… be happy and happiness around us.


    1. Smiles…. My mum says it every time my sister feels down to lighten her up especially if she wants her to know she is special. I will definitely give it a thought braddahr.
      She’s so conversant with the story that I doubt she’ll ever forget to tell it to her own children when the time comes.
      Thank you for that great reminder. Have a great weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

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