His Silent World!

He kept loosing meaning in his words, and in the society that was built for him.
Everything was perfect until…,
He kept loosing every fight with his lifeless self, cried so loud in silence and yet screamed so loud in his sounds.
They said he wasn’t good,
He was bullied,
They said he had no voice,
He was loved but never told.
All he wanted was a life someone would love.

He was a complicated creature they said,
He trusted.
Relied on pain and betrayal when no trust was kept,
His soundless world became his enemy.
The walls defined fears,
The people nightmare.

If life was a dream,
He didn’t have much time on earth.
His heartbreak felt like body reconstruction,
His wounds refused to heal.
His world… “Him and him against the world” .
His soundless world has just become a reality.


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