Shades Of Memory…

Just as the stars are drawn to the night sky,
So I was drawn to you.
Of all I had seen,
It was you I wanted to see over and over again.
Of all the voices I had heard,
It was yours I longed to hear again and the echoes of your laughter.
There were so many things I dreamt and longed for,
Spending the rest of my life with you was the greatest.
You were the setting sun and the rising sun,
Not anymore.

You were my stolen nights,
My mid autumn colors,
I was a wanderer, lost, and broken,
Haven’t felt any love like yours for a long time,
No shut eyes,
Only day dreaming,
You kept me up all night.
Now it’s all for nought!

Without you here nothing made sense,
I looked in the mirror, your face was all I saw.
Now, I live for the joy of things that seems inane,
For therein lies my truest joy and happiness,
For now you are nothing but a fading memory out of my sight.

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