Thinking Like A Servant…

It’s so unfortunate that some people are just born messed up and some things just don’t change. Some people believe serving is meant for the help alone, pride takes over and before you know it they come crashing down. I ain’t got no problem with having a little pride and defending your dignity when it’s called for but esteeming pride above service to oneself and others, that I find overwhelming.

Service starts in the mind. To be a good servant requires a mental shift, a change in your attitudes and altitudes. Even God is interested in why we do something than in what we do. Our attitudes count more than all our achievements. We could aquire the whole world but if we ain’t got the right attitude, it will be all for nought.

One good traits about servants is that they focus on others, not themselves. This is true humility! I am referring to not thinking less of ourselves but thinking of ourselves less. I’m not asking you to forget about yourself but to also think of others while you are at it. When we stop focusing on our own needs for a moment, we become aware of the needs around us.

We can’t be servants if we are so full of ourselves. It’s only when we forget ourselves that we do the things that deserves to be remembered. Unfortunately, a lot of our services are always self-serving. When was the last time you did something for someone that wasn’t for your own benefit? When was the last time time you gave something selflessly? When was the last time, something wasn’t about you?

Sadly, we serve to get others to like us, to be admired, or to achieve our own goals. The whole time we think about how noble and wonderful we will be when we help others or show any act of kindness. We can measure our servant’s heart by how we respond when others treats us like servants. How do you react when you’re taken for granted? Bossed around? Or treated like an inferior?

There’s no place for petty jealousy between servants. When you’re busy serving, you won’t have time criticizing others. When Martha complained to Jesus that Mary was not helping with the work, she lost her servant’s heart. Real servants don’t complain of unfairness, don’t have pity-parties and don’t resent those not serving. They trust God and keep serving.

Henri Nouwen- “To be of service to others, we have to die for them. We have to give up measuring our meaning and value with the yardstick of others, thus we become free to be compassionate”.

12 thoughts on “Thinking Like A Servant…

  1. Nice again my sweet gold mine woman, unfortunately human beings are greed creatures and when you help lots of citizens they think you’re a humble servant and you must be a player in a tug war, the game of The mankind 😉😉😉😉


  2. Hi Whitney,

    this is one wonderful post. You know, it is all about love. Love is giving, not only emotions. Love is sharing , not only word. I love your work means nothing, if I am not ready to tell you that, to support you in your road. And I love your work 🙂

    Thank you


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