Be Less Forgetful And More Thankful!

I recently read the story of Charles Swindoll and his giving tree and learned quite a few things about him and how much he learned to appreciate the people that had been kind to him.

Charles Swindoll tells the story of the giving tree: ‘When the boy was young he swung from the tree’s branches, ate her apples, and slept in her shade…But as he grew up he spent less and less time with the tree. “Come on, let’s play,” said the tree. But the young man was only interested in money. “Then take all my apples and sell them,” said the tree. The man did, and the tree was happy. He didn’t return for a long time, but the tree smiled when he passed by one day. “Come on, let’s play!” But the man, older and tired of the world, wanted to get away from it all. “Cut me down. Take my trunk, make a boat, then you can sail away,” said the tree. The man did, and the tree was happy. Many seasons passed – and the tree waited. Finally the man returned, too old to play, or pursue riches, or sail the seas. “I have a pretty good stump left. Sit down here and rest,” said the tree. The man did, and the tree was happy.’.

Swindoll continues: ‘I stared into the fire, reviewing my life as I grew older with the tree and the boy.

I identified with both and it hurt. Many atimes we walk around gloomy and depressed, groaning and complaining about everything and anything. We pay less attention to the many but tiny beautiful things and people in our lives. We take for granted the people that stood and stands by us and would rather chase after those who make up excuses why they can’t pick up our calls nor even return a call.

We are so consumed with ourselves that we forget there are people who would give anything to make us happy and would appreciate it if we could just return the gesture. Oftentimes all they need could be just a smile, a simple hello, a thank you in words or in notes, a hug, or even one phone call. A friend of mine would always say “if only I can just see a missed call from my loved ones, not calls!”. How sad right?

Oftentimes the best things in life comes to us for free and in not so glorifying package. And so, we neglect, reject, toss, and misuse them. How many giving trees have there been in your life ? How many people have given themselves so you might grow, accomplish your goals, and find wholeness and satisfaction? It’s time to be thankful. Thank God , for each and every one of them. They may not be expensive but they are worth it.

Let’s be humble for a second and take out time to reflect on these as we begin the new week. A little thank you won’t hurt trust me. Good morning and have a great week ahead.

26 thoughts on “Be Less Forgetful And More Thankful!

  1. Nice entry again and a nice lesson besides realistic, greedy action and according to spanish lore “estando en misa y repicando” (human beings going to the mass and touching the bell).
    We can be vultures in our lives and only thinking on ourself besides we play a tug war and finally it just was a worthy thing?.
    The silence of the human being and first me and me … unfortunately apple juice no magical potion and shadow vultures are evidences.

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  2. This story was originally written by an American children’s author by the name of Shel Silverstein. I love everything I have read of his but “The Giving Tree” is my favorite- in fact, it’s my favorite children’s book ever 🙂

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