On my way to school today my girlfriend couldn’t stop ranting about how she hates being vulnerable and prefers to be uptight at all times. She spoke with so much anger and less enthusiasm and that left me seriously in thoughts.

Over the years life has taught me to always be objective in everything I do and give room for more questions in order to gain more grounds. I tried asking her why she was so angry in the first place considering the fact it was just seven in the morning. She sadly responded “I opened up to her and now I hate myself for it”. There are people we meet and open up to and they leave a sour taste in our mouth and there are those we meet and we could be with them for hours without saying a word but when we leave, it seems as though we’ve said a whole lot. There are also those we meet and open up to and our lives gets transformed positively and immediately.

The question running through my head right now is, “Is vulnerability risky?” “Is vulnerability a sign of weakness?”.

Personally I believe vulnerability is risky. It can be really scary to lower your defenses and open up your life to others. When you reveal your failures, feelings, frustrations, and fears, you risk rejection. But the benefits are worth the risk. Vulnerability is emotionally liberating. Despite the fact that some people’s lack of fidelity has made it difficult for one to open up and talk about their issues or life threatening problems, there are still good ones out there. It’s a matter of learning the hard truth from those that betrayed you, forgive yourself and them then move on. But always keep an open heart and mind at all times and never use a particular to judge a whole.

The truth is opening up to the right person relieves stress, defuse your fears, and is the first step to freedom. It’s no news that God gives grace to the humble, but many misunderstand humility. Humility is not putting yourself down or denying your strength either; rather it is being honest about your weaknesses.

The more honest you are, the more of God’s grace you get. You will also receive grace from others. Vulnerability is an endearing quality ; we are naturally drawn to humble people but pretentiousness repels. Authenticity attracts and vulnerability is the pathway to intimacy.

Let’s be real and allow people to be real around us and not take their vulnerability for granted or consider it a sign of weakness.

12 thoughts on “Vulnerability…

  1. I so agree. It’s truly wonderful when we have those we can be vulnerable with and know we can trust them with our vulnerabilities. Being real is so important. Bless you for sharing


  2. Nice entry again, vulnerability what we can say about it, if you’re a human being you’re victim of vulnerability, it could be a great step, as bonfire has a risk in order to burning and you can be hottest in coldest days, security and two step in one, rely on you, vulnerability could be a nice option to our personality.


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