Just Thoughts… #6

Does He really know us?…

God does know us. We cannot pretend we are something we are not with him. He knows us — inside and out, through and through. This should liberate us to share a remarkable degree of intimacy with him, but most of us run from such a close relationship with our Father.

If truly our desire, however, is to become more like him, then the only way to be transformed is by inviting him in to look at our hearts, our motivations, our thoughts and our desires.

18 thoughts on “Just Thoughts… #6

  1. Nice and I think lots of human beings has a stone as heart , no manners, greedy … oh my Lord we’re victim of videogame an no virtual reality, real world… pls let the river flow between your stone hearts… a wondrous miracle of nature as mankind could be flourishing… let’s go!


  2. Becoming aware that there is no place were God is not, as God is all and everything, not separated from us, knowing that His ear is at our heart, knowing each and every thought of us – then – with this knowledge – it is impossbile to sin in front of Him – we cannot hide us… then we can only surrender to His will in full devotion – however, we forget Him so easily in our every day life. May we all reach a point in which we are aware of Him each moment.

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend


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