Just Thoughts… #7

God’s actions are not reactions to current situations, but part of his long term plan to bring redemption. Yes, he has done marvelous things: he took the evil intent of a mob who cried “Crucify him” and turned it into an opportunity to fulfill the prophets and redeem us. He is perfect in faithfulness and has done marvelous things.

What a good, good father He is!

13 thoughts on “Just Thoughts… #7

  1. Love that first statement! I think often times we want God to immediately REACT when we call upon Him and deliver us from our troubles. But sometimes our troubles are the very thing we need in order to grow and allow God’s plan to come into full manifestation!..Awesome post!

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  2. Good action is as water in a desert, it could be a unique and un meaning situation… it could be a magnificent action why when the river runs… desert is a paradise


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