Happy Women’s Day…

There was a time when women were just the kitchen keepers and baby making machines. This was treated as the only field for their personality, but all within the four walls of the house.
Those days are long!

Women are beginning to take charge of their lives and what goes on in it. Today women are found in all fields and distinguishing themselves in those fields as well. They are making records and changing records. Women choosing and defining their careers has also become necessary. They are seeking to make use of their God given skills and talents to better their lives, support their men and home, and raise up worthy and capable generations. Of course the society they found themselves necessitated this.

This wonderful creation of the God! The perfect reflection of God’s love to mankind. The best gift for any and to all. The best support system for mankind on earth, and who makes living worth it.
The most amazing creatures on earth that affects every life, and makes it a wonderful experience all together.
Home makers and game changers.

I can’t begin to imagine my life as a man.

Women! We are unique in every way. Imagining life without a woman is quite obnoxious isn’t it? She shakes the cradle with one hand the entire world with the other hand.

Every great being of the world is born from the womb of a woman and their first giant stride begins from their teachings. Every woman deserves great respect irrespective of who and what they’ve done. God broke the mold when he created them. I mean, despite all the works of child bearing, they still maintain their bodies, home and their men. They constantly mold and shape the destinies of their offsprings even when theirs isn’t fulfilled.
Beautifully and stunningly crafted by God with everything in the right places.

I am proud to be a woman. Happy women’s day to all the wonderful women out there. God bless us all!


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