Break Your Alabaster Box!

The room grew still as she made her way to Jesus
She stumbled and fainted in her heart at the things that made her cry
She was rejected
She was mocked
She was ridiculed
There’s no place here for your kind they said
Some spoke in anger
Many others killed her with their fierry gaze

Yet she made her way through her teary eyes to Him
She had a need
She needed to come clean
She was tired of the humiliation and stigmatizations
She had nothing to trade with except her only and costly box of oil
She was willing to trade it all
And she did with..
Her Alabaster box

There comes a moment when you have to come clean with yourself and God.
A moment when you need to unveil your secrets, struggles, and sins. A moment when you need to fall full weight on the grace of God. Why do we act as though our sin disqualifies us from the grace of God? That is the only thing that qualifies us! Anything else is a self-righteous attempt to earn God’s grace. You cannot trust God’s grace 99 per cent. It’s all or nothing believe me.

The Bible says, ‘A woman who had lived a sinful life…brought an alabaster jar of perfume, and as she stood behind [Jesus] at his feet weeping…poured perfume on them’ (Luke 7:37-38 NIV). This perfume was pure nard, a perennial herb that is harvested in the Himalayas. Half a litre of it! And the jar itself, made of translucent gemstones, was probably a family heirloom. It might even have been her dowry.

Plain and simple, it was her most precious possession. How ironic, yet how appropriate that the perfume used in her profession as a prostitute would become the token of her profession of faith when she poured out every last drop at the feet of Jesus. Breaking that bottle was her way of breaking with the past. She traded it all for a testimony. All she wanted was to be clean again. Nothing else matered!

Today I encourage you to break your own Alabaster box. No more masking the stench of sin with the sweet scent of perfume. No more secrets. No more shame. Walk out of the dark shadow of sin as she did into the light of the world. You are the light of this world. The world needs you to remain illuminated. You are precious in His sight!

Photo credit to Google pictures.

23 thoughts on “Break Your Alabaster Box!

  1. Breathtaking words so well written and I simply loved every bit of your post, Whitney. It is so nice to get rid of all your unwanted things and simply surrender your all at the feet of the Master who knows us all. Superb post.


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