Just Thoughts… #11

God made us to be like him in character and compassion right? If so, why so much hatred? Why can’t we live in peace with one another? Why can’t we tolerate each other? Why can’t we look beyond the flaws of other people? Why so much envy and wickedness? Why do we rejoice when our neighbors is in pain? Why have sold our conscience for some lousy change? Why is the life we have priced and valued so cheaply?

We are called to participate in the divine nature and are assured that we will be made ready when Jesus comes again.

Everything in our world is subject to corruption and decay, except us(thank goodness) — those of us whose lives are united with Jesus! Our response and attitude today is to love the Lord and humanity. To follow him wholeheartedly!

Good morning everyone and have a blessed week.

10 thoughts on “Just Thoughts… #11

  1. Nice again sometimes I see rare creatures and no similar to God, could be a test in the human being world and a thing is sure our shapes are distorted…


    1. Indeed Ben. The only default I see is that it makes trust and originality a scarce commodity. When one continually experiences bad things, he or she becomes numb to good things. Of course, evil seems to be increasing by the second.
      Thanks for sharing Ben.

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  2. Yes, I often wonder how humankind can be so hateful and corrupt in the year 2018. I had hoped we would have evolved to better than that by now. Thank you for sharing your inspiration and sunshine with the world. Truly, I believe, “let it begin with me,” and if more of us adopt that attitude, there is possibility for a change for the better. Good luck in continuing your good works!


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