Child Abuse! (Quest Post)

About 80-90% of child Sexual Abused victims are abused by someone they know or trust, and most times this circle of trust were created by their parents. This is because they do not pay adequate attention to who they leave their wards or kids with when they are away.

There are cases of older children molesting younger ones. This is because the older children were not noticed of being abused by their guardian or parents when they were younger. So, they grew up believing its a normal thing to do same to another. Their minds and thoughts are exposed to dirty things at a very tender age, it becomes all they think and because their body and brain has grown too fast, their libido also becomes higher than normal. So, they practice on the children that are younger than they are.

It is disheartening when we hear cases of children between the ages of 10-12 years already having babies. Perhaps it is because their bodies has overgrown unlike the normal process. It no longer becomes news when these victims get infected with Fistula( According to An obstetric fistula is a hole between the vagina and rectum or bladder that is caused by prolonged obstructed labor, leaving a woman incontinent of urine or feces or both.

For women with obstructed labor, labor that goes unattended, the labor can last up to six or seven days. The labor produces contractions that push the baby’s head against the mother’s pelvic bone. The soft tissues between the baby’s head and the pelvic bone are compressed and do not receive adequate blood flow. The lack of blood flow causes this delicate tissue to die, and where it dies holes are created between the laboring mother’s bladder and vagina and/or between the rectum and vagina. This is what produces incontinence in a fistula patient). Notwithstanding, we cannot fold our hands and watch the life’s of our children get destroyed.

In a feat to curb this obnoxious process, these are my recommendations ;

. Sensitize the children on their body parts and the dangers of child abuse
. Enlist the dangers of anyone who is not in their circle of love and trust
. Parents should create a bond of trust between themselves and their kids, for escalation.

Written by Bamgboye Ayomikun Kaizen.

41 thoughts on “Child Abuse! (Quest Post)

    1. It’s time we all woke up and accept the glaring truth in front of us, child abuse is happening right under our nose. Dressed and disquised in various forms. Our children needs us and we need to let them we’ve got their backs.

      Thank you Beverly for sharing with us.

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        1. You can say that again. The act is been perpetrated every minute. We all need to have one voice and together we can put an end to this evil act.
          Our children need us.
          Thank you for lending your voice. Every voice counts.
          God bless you.❤

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  1. Excellent post Whitney. This topic is very close to my heart. I had written a story on Child Abuse some three months ago. Do give it a read to know what exactly goes into a child’s mind when he or she is being sexually abused…..the confusion, the fear and the guilt a child experiences…I tried to capture them all. The story now features in a magazine. I have posted the link in my blog

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  2. Thank you Rose for stopping by. I’m pleased to meet you. I’m also happy to know that you didn’t allow the situation to break you or stop you. You’ve shown that forgiviness doesn’t mean forgetting the crime, it simply means you’ve decided not to be the victim. No matter how difficult things may be, be good and remain true to yourself. You’re beautiful my dear.
    Thank you for sharing with us. I’m truly proud of you. 💕

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    1. Thank you Whitney. I hope my book, poems & writings inspires other to step out of the closet and in the process empowers & motivates them. Bless


  3. I agree 100% with your points. Child safety has so many many different aspects to it. It is not just from elements like fire, water or electricity but from humans. They need to know how to protect themselves because let’s face it, we are not going to always be there by their side. If we could empower our children with this knowledge, we can spare them so much pain and emotional scarring.
    I have a few ideas that I’ve put down on Do give it a read sometime.

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    1. I totally agree with the fact that we need to empower our children cos we would not always be there with them. I believe so much in children ( especially girl child) empowerment and i am an advocate for their course. No child should be exposed to such inhumane act. The scars takes time to heal and oftentimes they dont get healed.
      Thank you for sharing my dear and i will give it a read. Have a great day.


    1. Youre quite welcome. Its never easy to open up about such much less letting go. The beauty of speaking up is that it gives room for healing. You are unique, thank you for sharing.


    1. I am sorry you had to go through that sad ordeal. No human should subject another to such an inhumane act.
      Thank you, dear Ajnbiyah, for sharing with us. It shows how brave and strong you are.


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