The Truth!

Hi everyone,

Today something really amazing happened and I just couldn’t wait to share it. While taking my sister’s son to school this morning, I realized he was crying silently at the back seat. Upon enquiring what the problem was I discovered that he was irritated to go to school. He said his friends have tagged him “Kenny the truth teller”. I was thrown aback because the last time I checked, the word is soothsayer not truth teller(LOL) . I asked him again hoping he would correct himself but he repeated it again.

Now I got curious. Why would he be scared of saying the truth? Why would a twelve year old boy be scared of going to school just because he doesn’t want to get reprimanded for telling the truth? If a little lad can be scared of the truth, how much more we adults? What is our educational system turning into? It’s a tradition in our family to always tell the truth no matter what, so I’m not surprised Kenny was tolling that path but being scared was something I just wouldn’t accept. I had to make him understand that the truth is the only safe ground to tred upon and he should never compromise it for anything. I didn’t see him smile but I’m sure the words will sink in much later.

While driving home I couldn’t help but wonder why lies seems to be more acceptable than the truth. It’s funny how you tell the truth and you are considered a liar but when you lie, you get celebrated for telling the truth. The truth seems to be overrated in our world of lies today.

Telling the truth can be really scary and dangerous too. As a matter of fact the truth will set you free, but first it may make you miserable just like it did to my little boy. When we tell the truth, it exposes our motives, points out our faults and theirs, rebukes sin, and in turn expects a change. But this isn’t always the case, is it? Oftentimes you get reprimanded, scorned, mocked, and even rejected.

Most of the time we avoid the truth because of its personal applications ; it can be difficult or even painful and it’s human nature to resist it at first. But is that the basis to lie?

The truth is always the hardest to see when we’re busy protecting a carefully constructed and highly programmed self-image of ourselves and those we love. We believe protecting our image is far better than anything or anyone.

But here’s what I’ve learned so far. Truth is the foundation of love. Yes! You would never be comfortable lying to the ones you love, even if you do lie to them to protect them. The more we can love and accept our real, plain and direct human nature, what’s really going on inside, and share that with our beloved ones, then the more intimacy we create and feel. Lying has never been the best option in the long run.

How can we preach love and unity in our homes, schools, churches and society in a bowel of lies? The only authentic expression of the love we truly are is in telling the truth in love.

How about you? Do you agree with this? If you do, I would like you to share with us. What cost have you paid for not speaking truth? And what happened when you did?

17 thoughts on “The Truth!

  1. We human beings living in confusion as contradiction and could be a lie a shortcut … unfortunately our lives are a long way and only shortcuts in the first crossroad welcome to eternal brainstorming…
    It’s been a long way home… no shortcuts… no lies 🙈🙈🙈😉😉😉👍👍👍


    1. That’s right David, lies are often shortcuts but sadly they never get us to our destination without bumps, cuts and even accidents.
      Thank you for being an amazing fan. You’re simply awesome. ❤️❤️

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  2. The truth remains that people would not love the truth, especially when it’s painful or saying the truth would bring about consequences.
    There was a time I was called a caster. It was said that once I heard it, I’d tell mom or dad. But the truth is I was just looking out for my siblings and I’m sure they appreciate it now. It can be sad when you are left out but you gotta do the right thing.
    Even with friends and acquaintances, what I do is I just keep shut and try to be political about my answers but with my true friends, they know I’d always tell them the blunt truth because I’d want that, though it’ll always hurt.


  3. Hi Witney,

    the truth really frees. We need a lot of courage for truth.Generally for honesty we need a lot of courage because it is very difficult to admit that we are wrong !

    Thank you


  4. Hello Whitney ! it is a good thing that the boy could tell to you what happens.
    I do like truth, I want truth – en français ce mot signifie : vérité – et aussi : confiance.
    So important.


  5. The desire for acceptance can lead us to bend our most deep seated values. You don’t want to be the odd one out and i think because of this especially in those tween years you begin to redefine values in order to fit in. Dangerous though as these new values can stick to us in adulthood.


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