The Essence Of Self – Discipline

Self discipline is the watch word for any success driven person, for goal getters and pare setters. To achieve greater self discipline, you should do the following :

. Start your day by doing the hard things first. And when you get sidetracked, make yourself go back and complete them. For example, make your bed(this can be a little bit hard when you have to rush off to work very early to beat the traffic in the city and also juggle other activities), pick up your clothes, and wash the dishes; don’t make extra work for others. And don’t start several projects at once : the feeling of “getting something done” will help you grow in self-respect and self-discipline.

. Make a commitment to be punctual. Tardiness is a hard habit to break. To conquer it you must be willing to call it what it often is – inconsiderate, selfish behavior. It won’t hurt trust me!

. Plan ahead. Everything takes longer than you think trust me, don’t wait until the last minute and then rush around like a chicken with its head cut off. “Living under the gun” can give you ulcers, whereas allowing extra time is good for your health and peace of mind.

. Accept correction from those who care about you, without sulking or retaliating. Unless you’re willing to take correction, you’ll never be qualified to give it. The Bible says, “Wisdom is found in those who take advice” (Proverbs 13:10),so if you’re wise you’ll welcome feedback and seek counsel. Gandhi once said, “There’s always a limit to self-indulgence, but none to self-restraint.

Ask God to help you control your unruly thoughts, feelings, desires and behaviors. Identify the unmanageable areas in your life, stop making excuses, face the truth even if it hurts, refuse to feel sorry for yourself, and set a few attainable goals. In other words : “Learn to sense what is vital… and of real value”.

22 thoughts on “The Essence Of Self – Discipline

  1. Discipline is a hard work to human an it could be a bad lesson of routine and you could be victim cul De sac… discipline is a flow as human beings demenour… and red booket could be a warning.


      1. Readings book about Stephen Hawking when I ‘m walking with my dad in the park. I love hawking and my brain is so poor 😈😈😈😈a big kiss Whitney and happy Sun! 😘😘😘😘


  2. Thank you for being so nice as to follow my Equipping Blogs. I think that you are also following my UTLOT blog; thanks again for your kindness.


      1. Thanks for being such a good friend. I have been on the road for a week. This is my first time back on all of my blogs. Please keep up your good work.


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