She Met Him…

In the best possible way.

The real love she had been searching for all her life
She wanted something true
She wanted something real
She wanted life
She searched for light when she had the sun inside of her
She needed one reason to stay when he kept giving her a million reasons to leave

“I love you so much” he said to her
“I can be it all” he said
She stared straight into his eyes and her mind traveled so far in space and time
He was her dream and…
The feeling kept her falling all over

She remembered how he told her he loved her over a thousand times and the shiver it sent down her spines whenever he was close
Yet he knew nothing about real love
She didn’t understand why she always felt alone after a short time when he’s around
She kept searching for something that was never missing…. She kept searching for herself

“I thought it was real love” she said
She didn’t understand why some days would hurt more than the others
Didn’t understand how she could know him today and tomorrow he’s a stranger
Her face and clothes were constantly soaked in tears all day
” Why so many lies?”
Every I love you from his mouth was nothing but white lies even in the dark
There was no connection!

And this time she listened again to the voice inside her head
“I am here
The author and finisher of your faith
I am the definition of love
Love started with me and ends with me”
When I said I love you I meant it
They weren’t just words!

“They were voice from a true heart and definition of how precious you are to me
You never left my thoughts
Dear child breathe again
I am the wisdom you need on every side
I am that clarity you’ve been searching for in a house full of fogs”

And this time she felt love
Real love!
A love so deep that took every tears from her eyes and mended her brokenness
She met Him!
He took her weaknesses and painted it with the colors of the cross
He took her brokenness, disappointments, anxieties and painted it with the colors of his blood which defines nothing but perfection
A love so strong to pick up the pieces of her shattered life

She met real love
He taught her anything is possible in Him
A love that is patient and kind
A love that doesn’t envy, waited for her to bring beauty out of her ashes
A love so fast reaching its destination before her flaws

The love that believes in her
The love that loved her even before she was formed in her mother’s womb
The love that saw her before she saw him
The love that allowed her to be who she is without judging her
The love that doesn’t hate
The love that doesn’t need any weapon but rather defends
The love that doesn’t say “Give me some time to get my life on track”
The love that never runs away

She met Jesus Christ!

14 thoughts on “She Met Him…

  1. Nice entry again and sometimes we’re living in a parallel world, a thing is sure … real could be a wondrous word as negative, we’re a part of two halves and perhaps you don’t choose it… the truth is out there.


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