The Power Of Decision!

Our decisions are very important and can never be overemphasized. The word decision is be broken down into two”De & cision”. “De” means off and cision means to cut. Circumcision on the other hand is to cut around and precision is to cut before. So when someone says “I’m precise” it simply means he has cut off the unnecessary part and has only the important things he needs to make a sound decision. Master pieces are not created by adding more, rather made by cutting off what is not necessary. So, if your life is going to be a master piece, you can’t afford to allow everything into life. You must learn to let go of things you don’t need and that way you maximize the value of your life.

The fastest way to become a nobody is to make frantic efforts to follow everybody. Your decisions will determine your destination in life. If you really want to know why you are where you’re today, then ask yourself “How have I been making a decision”? For every of our life experiences are products of our decisions. Our decisions will either make us or break us.

To not decide is to decide that you will not decide. Some people will commonly say “I don’t like to decide…. Ohhh please just choose for me”. The truth is by choosing not to decide you have decided already. Every indecision is a decision. Let’s break the word down “In-decision” in refers to what goes on inside of you(your mind or better yet your thoughts), that simply means from the inside of you, you’ve already decided not to make a decision outside. You see what I mean? So for every time you say “I’m indecisive“, you are saying that you’ve made a decision inside not to make any outside.

You are never powerless if you can hold on to the power of your decision. It doesn’t matter what happens for you, to you, in you, with you, against you or around you, you still have the power to decide what and how things should turn out. You are the best expert for your life. Sadly, many of us today are living consultation lives. Nobody wakes up every day and resolves to decide the best for you without you involved. There’s virtually no one, no matter how rich or how much they love you can decide to help you become the perfect version of you without you. The best they can do is share their opinions, ideas, experiences, thoughts on how they feel you can be better but the change and and your life is your responsibility.

People may look at you and assume they know what you need but you are the only one that knows what you need and the complexities of your desire.

It’s been estimated by scientist that we make over thirty to sixty thousand thoughts a day and over two thousand active decisions. Every of these decisions are accountable by us and they all lead us to a destination. The reason why you do what you is because you decided to and if you’re reading this now, it’s because you decided to. You always have a choice!

Here are three major decisions I recommend you make for your life:

. Decide to make your life a blessing and not a lesson. Your life should be fruitful and productive in accordance to the mandate he gave man in the beginning in Genesis 1:22″. The world does not celebrate your seeds, they celebrate your fruits. Don’t repeat the mistakes of successful people or your leaders, if you do, you will be wasting the blessings of their experiences. The reason why they made the mistakes is to pave the way for you to learn from it. You will have your whole life to make your own mistakes why spend your whole life making theirs?

. Decide to become a life long student of wisdom. Many a times I hear people say not every great man completed high school, why must I? I don’t dispute that fact but most of them that dropped out of the four walls of a school delved into another form of education. For instance : school of self-confidence, self discovery, school of administration, wisdom, commitment and even common sense. They never stopped learning. So, pursue wisdom and never stop learning. The substance of a man is far greater than his image. Wisdom is not hard to find, it’s only hard to recognize and that’s because we choose to look with our eyes but see with our heart.

. Decide to deliver more value than you are paid for. In Nigeria especially there’s this cultural disease of doing less than they are paid for. They hate to stress themselves but desire more recognition and they make it worst by adding a title to their ignorance “Do you know who I am”?. Give more than you have. Ps: we’ve got to understand that the name of Jesus is not a talisman. You can’t lazy around, provide inferior service and think that by calling the name of Jesus everyday or going to the church every day would make you rich over night.

Greatness, failures, and limitations are all in you. You decide what it’s going to be. I encourage you today, cut off the failures of the past and make the decision to flourish in the blessings of the future. What gift are you going to give the world? What would you be remembered for? Would your name be written in gold or mud? You decide!

To Damilola Oluwatoyinbo, thanks for opening my eyes to new stages of opportunity and strength. I will forever be grateful for your guidance and kindness

24 thoughts on “The Power Of Decision!

  1. Wow nice entry again, if you’re a thinking body decision around you, sometimes could be a game and if you think two time or more about all things…it’s been a long way down… neurodecision !


  2. Fantastic read, Whitney and so very informative and inspirational words written. Decisions that are taken in their right perspective goes a long way and it is vice-versa too. I loved the picture, it was so cute. Thanks for the awesome share.


  3. Your posts are always so insightful.

    “To not decide is to decide that you will not decide.” 👈🏾 My favourite line right there. I think I’m one of those people that I’ve said I don’t like to decide… Great post, Whitney


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