The Things My Dad Never Said….

While growing up my mom and I never got along
We quarreled more than we prayed
We fought, though not with our fists, but never settled even in the heat
She couldn’t see through me but I could see through her
I never understood though I constantly stood there

I loved my father more than my mother
My mother beats the living day light out of me
My father consoles more or so I thought, until now…

My dad never said “Don’t hit a woman. Never leave your dirty dish on the kitchen sink for your sister. Never put your feet on the table while speaking your elders. My dad never said be kind, be compassionate, be fair in all your dealings, be just! He never said anything about telling the truth no matter what! He never said to always leave your jeans on your hip, it’s more comfortable there than on your laps. He never said lend a helping hand to those in need. He never said laugh when you need to, cry when it hurts, frown when you need to and play when I need to. ”

My dad never said” Pray, when you don’t understand. He never said seek wise counsel from men with integrity. He never just said anything! He never said anything about life, fear, responsibility, gratitude and love yet he was closer to me than my mom. His words were gospel and yet he never said anything!

When I see parents having relationship with their children I am moved, I shed tears of pain as I never had such with my father…. Not even with my mom!

       *            *         *         *

When father’s and mother’s keep quiet their children becomes irresponsible.
It’s not easy being a good parent in a world where peer pressure feels as if it’s crushing down on you at a million pounds per square inch; where values are at an all-time low and immorality at an all-time high. But with God’s help you can do it! We’ve got to learn to communicate with our children and teach them the right values,including our male children. The excerpt above is from my student, who shared his ordeal with me. I felt really said as to the number of things his father never actually said to him before he passed on and how he had to struggle with his identity and personality while trying to adjust to the demands of the society.

Do you want to raise Godly and wise children? Here are a few things you need to know and do:

. Start communicating with them when they are young. Teach them constantly and soberly before they grow old. Never stop teaching them about life and it’s challenges.

. Be sensitive and attentive to every question and their personality. Every child is unique in his own skin. Don’t assume you know them until you get to know them. Answer their questions in a way they would understand rather than leave them more confused.

. Trust the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom at the right time to present issues to them, especially issues concerning morality and God and pray for their salvation continuously.

And remember, the things we learn best are the things we hear most. So: Never stop communicating with your children.

Photo credit: Pixabay

22 thoughts on “The Things My Dad Never Said….

  1. I have been lucky to have fantastic relationships with both of my parents. They have guided me through life’s trials and tribulations, and I always think of them when navigating my life at present. I have seen, in the lives of my friends since grade school, how without relationships with their parents, that they were left to figure things out on their own, often in a harder way, with little to no accountability, or while receiving harsher reprimand from a conditional and distant teacher. Others, on the other hand, seemed to build an innate sense of their self reliance and freedom. I think it depends a lot on how the personality is formed from within the womb – you know that special human phenomenon. I liked reading this post; you shared a special insight – something from which we all can learn a bit. Thank you!

    Jess ||


    1. You’re most welcome Jess. I’m glad to know you have a wonderful relationship with your parents. The family remains a strong support system for any child and when the child can’t get that, the unexpected follows.
      Thanks once again for reading through, agreeing with the post and sharing with us as well.
      I will surely visit your blog space. Have a great day 👏❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post, I enjoyed it! My father was only present physically while growing up. He did not provide emotional or mental support as a child. I always felt like I was a burden too him, and he never had much interest in me. BUT, as he got older he became the most amazing grandpa. He is everything too my children, everything and more. I suppose thats why I can forgive him, maybe I missed out on a present father so my children could enjoy him? Is that how it works? I do believe I’d rather they have an amazing papa then i an adoring dad~ Regardless, we all do the best we can with what we know 🙂 Cheers to you and thanks for sharing xx


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