Just Thoughts.. #20

“She drives where she looks, she drives where he looks!” That statement made by a disgruntled little boy about his mother really spoke the truth. She invariably would turn the steering wheel in the direction she was looking.

This principle is also true of each of us and our life: “Lives where she or he looks!” That’s why it’s important to fix our eyes on Jesus and remain focused! Our life will follow where we look! Let’s make sure that our gaze is on Jesus and look closely at where we are going to.

Lovely day everyone!!!

Photo credit : Pixabay

4 thoughts on “Just Thoughts.. #20

  1. Wow a poet called Whitney. When I ‘be read it I’ve remembered sometimes we must be driving with the brake on ! A nice tune from scot band Del Amitri 😘😘😘😘


    1. Thank you Bel for reading through and connecting. We’ll I think it’s time for you to look with new eyes now and at the right place too.
      If we change the way we see things, the thing we look at will also change.

      Have a blessed week ahead 💕

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