I Want To See It Again!

Have you ever cried from being so surprised at how things that were beyond your control got turned around? I have!

Events of these past days has left be grateful to a large extent. Some left me sad no doubt, confused but largely grateful. A few others left me saying “I want to see it again”. I’ve learned to be at ease with change since it’s the only constant thing in life. Happiness and joy easily grasped when we step back from anger, hate, pain, self loothe, despair, unforgiveness and ingratitude, believe me. Life gives us time and space, it’s all up to us to fill it with what we desire and need but sadly many of us don’t fill it up with memories worth sharing. I have chosen to fill mine with happy memories and joy and that requires constant work too.

Regardless of how overwhelming this past days have been, I’ve seen hopelessness turned to stories of amazing grace. I saw desperations turn into hope. I saw emotions rise and fall like waves yet destroyed nothing memorable and important. I saw dark days get shattered by the tiniest rays of light. I saw changes take place in stifled and stagnant places. I saw myself having answers to questions I dreaded to ask or get asked.

We shouldn’t always be in a hurry to judge, for underneath all the glam and glitter, there really beats a heart of gold. Sometimes the greatest moments happen unplanned and the greatest regrets occur from not reaching what is planned. I got the chance to see laughter conquer every tears. I saw new life come forth as another got taken away(simply indescribable). I heard the doctor say, “There’s nothing we can do” last night and in the morning he wrote “completely healed”!

Sometimes we shouldn’t be afraid to take unfamiliar paths, they’re the ones that takes us to the best places. I saw silver linings in so many dark clouds. I witnessed precious moments and rest in stillness without fear. I never lost sight of great things to come even with teary eyes. Every minute, everyday, our life is a privilege. Cherish it, be thankful to God and give it importance.

I had the best feelings in the world and I want to see it again.
Do you have events that left you saying “I want to see it again?” Please feel free to share it with us.


11 thoughts on “I Want To See It Again!

  1. Definitely Whitney, I want to see more people knowing the love of God, I want to see & feel the joy of my loved ones coming into the light from darkness.
    I want to see more miracles…most of all I want to experience God the lover of my soul in the times when no one else is there…& when I am surrounded by all!
    Great post!
    Blessings, Jennifer

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    1. Blessings to you too Jennifer. I join my faith to yours and believe that you shall see all the goodness you wish for and desire now and always, Amen.

      Thank you very much for sharing and have a great week 💕

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