Don’t Over Do It!

One of the dynamics that really complicates our lives, often without our realizing it, is the fact we can be so driven and consumed by our desires. Unfulfilled desires can even torment us and that certainly keeps us from enjoying our lives. While our desires for new experiences and opportunities is healthy and stems from our God given desire for variety and diversity, we must remember to be content. There are two ways to handle our unfulfilled desires. One is by working hard to acquire what we want and the other is to ask ourselves if what we want is that important after all.

More is not always better because the more we have, the more we must maintain and care for. We need to find a way to balance being satisfied with longing for something different, because balance is the key to an enjoyable life full of both creativity and contentment. When we throw ourselves off balance by doing too much of one thing and not enough of another, we open a door for confusion; anger; anxiety and rage.

The Bible in 1 Corinthians 9:25 instructs us to do all things in moderation. Without balance, we can end up in trouble. Physical sickness, mental and emotional pressure, relational problems and certainly loss of joy can all be the result of unbalanced living.

Any good thing can become bad if allowed to get out of balance. For instance : our children love to snack on chocolates and ice creams but if not controlled can lead to tooth ache or even stomach upset. Our flesh gravitates toward extremes, and if left unrestrained, will cause us problems.

Sameness ushers us into staleness. When we do the same things too often, we stop enjoying activities we once thoroughly enjoyed. But variety ensures our continued, long-term ability to enjoy the things that give us pleasure because it keeps them fresh. Even when we prefer one thing over several others, we are wise to incorporate them all, just for the sake of variety and the benefits it brings to our lives.

We need diversity in life.. It keeps the ordinary fresh! We must learn to keep things in moderation and not over do things.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Over Do It!

  1. Nice article again Whitney, what I can be commented about it, we’re living in a world where side effect could be tremendous, an credit card could be a headache to citizens and you can be righteous in order to priorities or our lives could be a mine camp and we aren’t super Mario or heroes from video games or objects from Reality Virtue, Mother Earth is real… love ‘er gold and going better… or no!

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    1. You’ve spoken well David. When we over do things, the side effects can be alarming and like you rightly stated “tremendous”.
      Moderation should be the bench mark for everything we do.

      Thanks David… It’s always a pleasure.

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  2. Thanks, Whitney, for the message on moderation. It’s a timely one for all and sundry. We will save ourselves from a lot of troubles if we master the urge to overdo things.

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    1. Indeed my Dr. We should be strong enough to fight and get what we want, but be wise enough to put everything in moderation and strike proper balances.

      Thank you very much Dr Falako for reading you and sharing your wisdom with us. 💕


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