Turn Your Mountains Into Mole Hills!

Hi everyone,

“Sometimes, the most important lessons in life are the ones we learn the hard way.” How we see obstacles and difficulties in life will determine if we’ll get out of them or get stuck in them. Challenges leaves us overwhelmed and we start to think “I’m never getting out of this one”, “I’ll have to live with it”, “I’m so caught up right now”. It’s also very easy to settle for mediocrity when we get overwhelmed but that has never been a way out. Situations, challenges, are supposed to be under our feet, subject to us and not the other way round.

If we intend to walk in victory and authority then we have to challenges as subjects to us. A wise man once said, “imagine your dream life and begin to live it every day”. You must change your mindset concerning challenges and how you handle them. Have the courage to see them as stepping stones to greater heights rather than see them as mountains you can’t climb.

If you see challenges as mountains too big and say, “I’m never going to make it”, “it’s too hard,” my faith is failing me”, “I can’t break this addictions,” I can’t, I can’t and I can’t”, you’re going to feel weak, depressed, discouraged, and broken. You’ll end up attracting fear, worry and doubt. It not only pushes you down, it also stops God from working. How? You ask. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Faith in God is the only one through shot at receiving from him and overcoming obstacles we face.

You have to change your perspective. Drop the negative thoughts and attitudes,you’ve dwelled on that long enough. Shake off the lies you’re telling yourself and the enemy is making you believe and turn every mountain in front of you into Mole Hills.

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