Not Made Out Of Nothing!


You are uniquely designed to the extent that there’s nothing that grows out of the soil that can feed your soul and that’s a fact. The product that comes out of the soil can only feed and nourish your body.

We are made for God, and must feed our immortal nature on heavenly bread. There is a story of a pilgrim, crossing the desert and famishing for bread, came upon a bag of pearls lying in the sand. He hoped the bag contained food, and so he eagerly opened it, he flung it from himself in bitter disappointment, saying, “It is only pearls, and I am starving for bread.”

What are pearls to a starving man? A bitter mockery right? Indeed! The riches and honors of this world are to a human spirit in times of sore needs, as when the sense of sin overwhelms the soul: when a great sorrow has come into the life. Nothing but Christ will meet the needs and cravings of a soul in times of distress.

‘Art thou wearied?, “Art thou languid?, “In distress?”, “come to me” said Jesus. You were not made out of nothing; you were taken from me! Your desires and yearnings are really the mark of divine likeness in you. They are your capacities for lofty attainments and achievements. They are like buds of the tree in the early spring day: they were made to burst out into full bloom and come to glorious fruitage.

Have a glorious day!

18 thoughts on “Not Made Out Of Nothing!

  1. Great post! The Word says we shall not live on bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord! Yes indeed our spirits/souls need feeding too, and God is the One to feed them!…Good one! ❤


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