Prisoner In My Own Life

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Trapped with no escape
at the place where I hate.

Image result for trapped with no escapeMy self determination is lost.
Heart right now colder than jack frost.

Image result for jack frostI am exposed to the mental torture
by myself in this dark corner.

Image result for dark cornerClose my eyes and dream,
so bad I wanna be free.

Image result for close your eyes and be freeOpen my eyes, my mind plays tricks on me,
force to face the hardship of reality,

Image result for realityrealizing that I am in a place where I must behave submissively.
I as a prisoner, I am own husband or wife,
As you read this, I tell you “Welcome to my life”.

Image result for welcome to my life

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5 thoughts on “Prisoner In My Own Life

  1. Prisioner in our lives no no no, fortunately we’re a bruiser and longing for to better days, prisioner is a taboo word in the modern times, we must be updating the new vocabulary in modern times… welcome to the ring no the jail except playing a jail rock tune!


  2. I can relate to this. I’m thankful that I am not a prisoner anymore. I and everyone of us can make the choice to better ourselves and do something wonderful with our lives. It will take time, but eventually we will get where we are supposed to go. Thanks for sharing. Following this blogger for sure.


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