The Perfect Plan

“I have lived most of my life on Gods second best”, she said. Gods plan was for me to be a doctor (a paediatrician precisely) and save lives, but I turned aside from that calling and chose to be a tourist. I wanted to travel the world and see all its beauty and splendour. Despite all my efforts I ended up working in the bank. I had a career so to say and made a name for my family but deep down inside I wasn’t fulfilled and knew something was missing. One day my little child had a fall from a chair and broke her head. Upon arriving at the hospital, she fell into a coma. The doctors did all they could to resuscitate her but all to no avail. I lost my little girl and all my money couldn’t save her. I couldn’t help but wonder; what if I had followed my career and became a paediatrician would she have survived? This drove me to my knees, and after a whole night spent in tears before God, she put her life into Gods hands completely. Is it too late for her to go back? Has that door closed? She knew that had been Gods best for her, but she had missed it. She resigned from her bank job but never forgot the danger of missing “His Perfect Plan”.

It’s very convenient to say ” Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”, and then do as we please, without seeking his guidance in our daily lives. It is the height of folly not to seek Gods guidance. If you were alone in the middle of a thick forest on a pitch dark night, not knowing which way to turn, you would be glad to have with you someone who knew every inch of the forest and whom you could trust fully. You would soon follow without questions whatever way he took. It would be foolish to ignore his advise and move on your own into that dark and dense forest, full of uncertainties, dangers and threats. Yet, many do just this sort of thing.

We sometimes come to crossroads in our lives, where we have to make decisions with far-reaching consequences. Decisions such as the choice of a career and a life -partner affect our entire future. How are we to decide at such a time? We know nothing of the dangers and the hidden pitfalls along each path. We know nothing of the snares that have been laid for us. And yet we have to decide which path to take.

The future that lies before us is darker than anything on earth could possibly be. We can see nothing ahead, yet we have to move forward. It would, therefore, be not only desirable but necessary for us to have someone beside us at such times whom we can trust fully, who knows the entire future. In the Lord Jesus Christ, we have such a person, and he is more than eager to guide us along the safest and best path.

Love & Blessings

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12 thoughts on “The Perfect Plan

  1. WhitneyI ….Is this you? Did this happen to you? If so I can feel your pain.Having lost two very important people,my youngest son at 19 years old ,21 years ago, and my husband after 50 + years, 2 years ago,the pain and wonder is always there. Wonder? What could have changed…nothing. Gods will is done.
    ps. I really don’t like the term “lost” .They aren’t lost.God knows where they are and hopefully they are with him.


    1. Thanks a lot, dearie, for your kind response. It’s not my story too. It happened to a very close friend and she shared the ordeal with me today in church. She inspired me to write about this.
      Sometimes you think you know it all and understand why things happen until suddenly you realise that you are nowhere near knowing anything.
      I thought she was happy and had the perfect life and job until she shared her story with me. Did I cry? Yes, when she said that was her only child. If there’s anything I know, its the fact that she’s going to be okay. She’s got a strong personality and a beautiful soul too. She’s got faith in God and I know that will help her through this trying times.
      She will be glad to read your comment.

      Thank you very much, God bless ❤

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