The Power Of Rejoicing!

If you feel like circumstances have you locked in today, please read this:

“About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, suddenly there was such a violent earthquake, that shook the foundations of the prison. At once all the prison doors flew open, and everybody’s chains came loose” (Acts 16:25). Unbelievable right? Well, when God taps his foot to the music, things happen.

The same power that opened every prison door for Paul and Silas is still available to you today. It’s called; the power of rejoicing! Anytime you praise God despite your circumstances, heaven comes to your aid.

You may say, ” How do I praise him when I’m sad? How do I praise him when my soul is heavy? I don’t feel like praising him at least not now, maybe when I’m happy”. Guess what? Hebrews 13:15 teaches us to ” Offer to God a sacrifice of praise. Anybody can praise him in the good times, but when you have to rise above your feelings and sacrifice to do it, that’s when it’s most effective.

The story of the walls of Jericho teaches us that sometimes we have to shout when: it seems we are just going in circles, when nothing seems to make any sense, when the enemy keeps on mocking us, when our rational mind says ” this ain’t no way to win a war, and when its the last thing on earth we feel like doing.

When you look to your circumstances to find joy, you’ll live on an emotional roller coaster. But, if you look to the Lord regardless of your circumstances and find a way to rejoice in his unchanging goodness, you’ll move from weakness to strength every time.

Love & Blessings ❤❤

Photo Credit: Pixabay


19 thoughts on “The Power Of Rejoicing!

  1. I am enduring the biggest disappointment of my life, read my post Why I Left Twitter. However, my life is filled whith a joyous expectation, I see beauty around me and praise God for busily building me a new life. When I should have sat sulking, chewing at my wrists.


    1. Amen! You are loved so much by Him. He never gives up on us no matter what. The important thing is not to stop believing.
      Never lose faith and never give up on yourself or on Him.
      Thank you for dropping by and sharing with us. God bless❤


  2. Absolutely true and agree totally with your words, Whitney. The Lord is always showering his grace upon on us 24×7 it is we who needs to be fully awake to receiving his grace and yes he will release you from all your predicaments and be joyous and cheerful. Great words.


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